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And more great news! Starting now in the US, we are accepting pre-orders of the HTC One (M8), Google Play edition, exclusively on Google Play:

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Please open play store devices in Slovakiaaaaa
+Charles T le lien n'est pas mort
C'est juste que c'est réservé aux États-Unis
Will GPE phones ever be available in the UK?
700 bucks lmao I'm sure you'll sell a lot* of these

Damnit Verizon. I hate you. Work better with Google!
UK availability of all GPE's please...
Nothing blowing me away in' 14 yet. Maybe the Note 4?
$700? Damn! And people say apple is over priced! 
Seriously!? This is literally EVERYWHERE but T-Mobile! 
Oui mais apple c'est nul
+Charles T : c'est le même téléphone sauf que sur le Google édition c'est du Android pur (comme sur les Nexus) sans la surcouche sense.
Great, but why only in the US?
To much money I'll pass and wait for the moto x 2
Where is my XT925 update to Kitkat? My Droid is begging for it ;)
I have the money for it but not spending $700 on a phone. I'm happy with my nexus 5
Looks great but I'll wait for the Nexus 6.
Great phone but for $700?? No thanks
I hope you'll give us the GPE Rom to install on our Sense-bloated phones...
Argh so annoying this is only available in the US! 
You are losing out on money not releasing these in the UK.
mais nous qui n'avons pas beaucoups.qu'allons nous faire?
Have any phones for the same price as a Chrome book? 
S3 mini kullanıyorum çok pişmanım keşke iphone alsaydım
US$700.00 is quite a steep price... me want anyway.
Thus marks the end of the cheap Google Nexus devices. (Yes I know it's not a Nexus but it's the beginning of the end)
I hate to say it but Amazon is onto something with the 20% down and equal installment payments with no interest when you purchase their tablets. 
The description should be changed to "exclusively on Google Play in USA. We don't care about the rest of the world"
That's great HTC one stepping ahead .... Keep it up :)
Bad camera = bad smartphone. This is not a recipe for success.
+Ted Edlefsen it doesn't have a bad camera. Go to Engadget they post some awesome photos captured by the M8. Don't knock it until you see it for yourself. 
Starting in the US? does that mean it comming to other countries
way too much I think I'll what till price dies down
How about here in the Philippines! It will be available?
I think I know what I'm getting next. Watch me not be able to get it on T-Mobile's "jump"
+Teo Jacques Si cela vous fait vous sentir mieux: l'Inde, où le Nexus 7/5 vendu presque immédiatement, il n'existe toujours pas de signe de la "Google Play Editions" ou Chromecast. Excusez-moi pour mon mauvais français.
Okk, but if I needed a 'play edition', I will go for  Nexus 5 anyday... Thanks!
Please make all GPE device available in all Asia region.
The year is 2014 and "limited to US" thing still exists :(
한국에도 판매해주세요
Still using my S4 GPe
Andtoid,,,,,I wonder what's the term of life of this phone??
+Android Europe! The US love just iCons, we love Android, therefore Europe please! :)
I do not quite understand what you mean by that the price is high compared to other brands. For example, here prices in Sweden, exchanged currency at today's value. 
Apple iPhone 5S 32GB $ 1,060: - 
Samsung SM-G900-S5 Black $ 997.78: - 
SONY Tablet Z2 Black $ 935.32
I like HTC...but now that I can write on the screen I have to get a stylus...finger doesn't write good, lol.
Holy shit, $700? I'll pass... for now. 
Does it work for Verizon?
its a nice phone but I wont get it time u get it a new one will come out and + 700 for it nop to much for a phone and I think the htc one max looks way better then that one its just how I feel
That's the thing that irks me about phone companies.  The S4 is buy one get one free now at some phone companies and you want me to believe that a phone with a small bump in specs is worth 700? HTC can kick rocks!
Nice that it has a MicroSD card slot now.
No available in my country :(
I hate when Google teases you with these flagship phones with stock android!
Verizon sucks with t mobile you can get GPE phones

All the android gadget are my favorite.
Who would want basically an S5 with a crappy camera for that price. 
Too much spamming of phones. Only Nexus devices should be Google-ized. That's taking the specialty away. Money shouldn't be your main focus. Content should be. Steve Jobs didn't create the iPhone for the sole fact of making money. But it turned out like that, and is still arguable the best phone. He's dead.
I heard you came back from Nicaragua from participating in a life changing event.  Bless you.
Why there're no Google Play Edition devices in Germany? :(
señores de #android  tengo mi Smartphone con la version 4.4.2 y no me funciona bien, ademas ya no tengo la radio fm, regresenla por favor, para su version 4.4.3 deberian cuidar esos detalles, gracias de antemano y saludos desde #costarica  
Why only for USA? I hate iPhone but at least they are not doing this... Any plans for Europe?
I can't believe HTC gave into the whinners and change the power button placement,it was just fine..People are gonna whine about everything..A phone any phone is not gonna please everybody. Design your phones the way you see fit HTC!!..
Always been a fan of HTC phones but that $700 sticker doesn't make me want to upgrade from my current One. Have to wait for a price reduction at some point.
+Lewis McLeroy all high quality phones are about that price when you buy them out rite brand new from Carries..$600-$700 is common..
This just in...  Google Play edition, exclusively from Google Play!

Is that like a +Meijer version exclusively sold at meijer stores?
People in other countries would like this too!
cool i wanna know which version of google play it uses ? :)
Ninetology insight bila leh update ke 4.4 kitkat.?
When kitkat will be available in Turkey pleeeeeeeeeease :(
I need Verizon to accept the google edition to their network... They are so stingy..
Sorry but no matter haw much u dress it up and make it sound good but they are S.H.I.T 
Thanks immensly for your technological innovation.
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