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"What's this song?" Just ask Google, with the latest update to the Google Search app, to find out.
As you may have heard, the Google Now team put out a great update today (read more here:

My favorite feature? Sound Search integration! Now you can just say "What's this song?" or "What song is this?" and it will recognize it for you, without ever leaving Google Now. It even speaks the result back to you ("It's Sleepyhead by Passion Pit"). Very very handy!
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Gorgeous. Matias Duarte should design everything for Google. Not just Android.
This feature not working with me on galaxy S3...

Is this feature not working outside US?
Just an FYI. This feature does not work on the HTC Droid DNA.
Absolutely not working in germany.
Tried it last night on my Galaxy Nexus with two separate songs and it worked beautifully.
Why is this US only? I really can't see the reason this time....
+Tim Küsel das JellyBean ist USB-Debugging und die 8 ist entweder ein Telefonat oder eine Sprachnachricht/aufnahme, 
Make voice siri-like features working outside US. We want speak with our Androids too. (In english)
Chris V
I can't. Even though I am running ICS on a Verizon Galaxy S3, I, for some reason, am still unable to install Google Now.

I know! I think I will test it on my co-worker's iPhone 4S!

Google Now requires Jelly Bean, period. It's one way they're trying to coerce manufacturers and people to get upgraded. Worked rather well for me, personally.
When Google Now in Spanish?
US only.... Shock horror
It's connected to Google Music so thus only works in countries that have Google Music... My guess? 
Doesn't work in Germany. Tried in German and in English.
+Nitin Gaba we DO have Google Music (since a few weeks after years of waiting).
Unbranded Nexus 7 with the very latest Android 4.2.1 and all app updates.
Google's hardware, Google's latest OS, latest apps, english UK and english US are two of the installed languages, yet it doesn't work.
Can it recognize the tunes you hmmm??? 
Why don't they link a list of what the phrase to use is in different languages?
Does it recognize the language I'm speaking or is it english only or does it only understand the language matching the current system locale? Why isn't such a basic detail documented or better yet, SHOWN in the dialog on devices with multiple installed languages?
I'm in Canada and this feature does not work here. I think you're correct +Nitin Gaba 
Soundhound still seems better. It works even if I just sing a song. Shazam doesn't, neither does google's.
+Chris V Google Now is a Jellybean thing.  VZW is the last vendor, perhaps in the entire world, that is upgrading Galaxy S3's to Jellybean.   Those of us on +Verizon Wireless  should keep this in mind when we get to the end of our contracts.   Anyway, I gave up on them and installed a Jellybean ROM myself  from XDA developers instead.    Google Now and its song identification works well.  
It completely boggles my mind that this doesn't work in other countries, English only makes sense. I guess the rest of the world can be happy Shazam works. 
We should start releasing great new apps everyone-except-USA for a few weeks and advertise them in the US.
Just like we are constantly bombarded with #usonly annoucements about how great and cool some new stuff is that we aren't getting for serveral years.
Its super fast now too. Huge performance improvement.
Dont fret everyone! There are other apps out there that does this. I use Sound Hound.. I hope google realizes there are other places out there...
if you need some english song. it works
+Michael Morrissey  For a while I had my One S rooted running CM10 and I fell in love with Google Now, but switched back to stock because I missed HTC's superior camera software. Is there a reason why we're not able to get Now on non-rooted, ICS devices? It seems silly that we can't somehow update the search app and bring the functionality to more users.  JB is such a small portion of installs, I think if more people got to experience the magic that is Now, more people would become Android evangelists.  It's a killer feature.
Maybe should the people of google check out google maps so they can see there are more countries in the world besides the USA.. Long live soundhound
i think first app just only english after than  second app or second versiyon  recognizes non-english songs.
Talk about Name That Tune.  Pretty amazing stuff.  I played less than the first 5 seconds of a song and Google Now knew it immediately.  Not so much with mash-ups though.
+Levent çelik there is not a word about a plan or schedule or expected date for a second version.
Usually if you cripple your software you tell in the very announcement that it is crippled, why and when that is expected to be lifted.
2013? 2014? next week?
Clicking on soundhound oo widget works faster for me anyway. Long live Android choices.
Man Google, show Canadians some love! 
it doesn't work on the samsung note 2 (AT&T), if you dont notice that it's a manual update.
Why the heck isn't this available in Spain? We have Google Play Music, which is what I think this function uses...
Though this is essentially the same exact thing as the new sound search widget for Jellybean but integrated into Google Now, it works beautifully. Great job guys
Austria Google!!!! You know? This little country you don't give a shit for??? Google Play (Music, Books, Mags, movies) make it for us! Please! 
Love all the features it is adding. im sure some GUI improvements will be in the future (I hope)
+Android you'd upset a lot fewer people if you just said "US Only" in your blog posts for features that, er, are US Only.
Открывайте уже наконец-то в Украине (и России) этот магазин музыки/фильмов/книг/девайсов. А то этот тупой огрызок уже открыл свой ... 
Chris V
Thanks +JoAnn Brereton. While I hate waiting on Verizon to upgrade, I was more alluding to the fact that Google Now can work on iPhones and not on my android running ICS. To me, that is kind of ridiculous.
On a more positive note, asking this question in the UK, despite the fact that we speak practically the same language as the US and have Google Music available, gives a very interesting definition of what "this song" is. 
+Marcus Wolschon  i agree with u   it's  crippled software  the software isn't perfect but it's  smart software i like it. google has big problem. google doesn't recognize another countries. i hope to fix.
Yo con dos cojones lo escribo en español, digo en castellano, y si no lo entienden que usen Google Translate :-)
De momento se queda sin +1 Simplemente no funciona Que cuando anuncien una nueva característica, digan donde, cuando y cómo funciona y a ver si +Google España se pone las pilas que van atrasados en esto de gestionar la información e la propia compañía. +Google Argentina le pasa la mano. 
Love it! It named all of my "track 01" songs!
+Levent çelik just after they test their software in wireless networks that are not as perfectly reliable and fast as the Googleplex.... so right about....never.
Damn Google is killing everyone these days.
Would be rad if Google's music recognition software was a standalone app.
same algorithm they use to analyze your phonecalls or environment :-O 
I must  be doing something, its just doing google searches when i ask "what song is this" on google now... running a nexus 4 fully updated along with google search fully updated.... i guess i will google what im doing wrong.....
Allowing it to integrate with other apps like Spotify would be ideal.
+Jeffrey Matthews yeeeaaaaah.... but only available on US cells though, would be more awesome if it was an app that was kind-of standalone, like soundhound :)
Come on people, how many companies can release a product worldwide simultaneously?
I ask "What song is this?" and just send me to the web, is because the google search app is freezing in my Android?
Google please remember this is a GLOBAL channel - Stop announcing US only services as if they're the only ones that matter! It's a constant arrogance shown by US based companies who forget the bulk of their profits are from other countries. Ones they don't even bother to pay tax in!
Agree with Stephen Hird's comments. It's annoying to constantly be told about great new services - that you can't access unless  you live in the US...
If you're annoyed with every post they make about products you can't get then what's the point of following them in the first place? Is griping that satisfying?
Still no Jelly Bean update here so no updated Google search for me :(
Just got the update on my sprint galaxy nexus and works great.
Tried this on my galaxy nexus and worked great.
Charlie we don't follow them, they spammed everyone with this. Google have started pushing corporate spam on every Google+ stream now and ignore their own rules for it.
I just clicked the dropdown arrow and selected "remove from circles" and their post disappeared, I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, that's sweet for about 2% of Android users that have Jelly Bean
Even if you Defrost Google Ears with Titanium Backup the Widget works but doesn't work on Google Now when you say it, The annoying part being it always says "Its a song from 19---" some history crap.
It crashes for me every single time
Charlie Ranlett - it will be back, they never remember the settings for blocking posts. Why do uyou feel the need to contradict people btw? Is it some deep set personal inadequacy?
+khushal virmani Use Titanium Backup and defrost Google Ears. You'll get it to work again. Just the Google Now Music integration doesn't work/buggy. But regardless the Widget works
Is very cool, BUT you have to annunciate too much...
If you don't, it just does a Google search for "what's the song" 
+Christopher Evert IKR? I actually got annoyed at how I had to keep saying "What's this song" and it kept changing it to "What this song" "Whats these song" instead if you say "What song is this" it actually comes out right.
+Stephen Hird You're the first person to claim you can't remove people from your circles. But let's entertain the situation assuming it's true; why bother commenting?
Edwin where did I claim that? (Answer is that I didn't) I never added these people to any of my circles - it's purely spam added in by Google+ using their 'What's hot' feature which I also didn't add in. I can't remove what is not in my circles - can I? Companies such as BMW, bloody Quotes Everlasting with their annoying and extremely unethical impersonations of dead celebrities have started springing up in my feed and frankly only bring noise to the signal.
It's the same mistake Facebook made and it's sad to see Google going the same way.
Testing this, it works pretty well. It failed to recognize "I Wish I was a Girl" by Chin Ho!, but that's about it.
If you're willing to try this feature, try downloading "Set Locale" app from Play Store, run it and select English US. It may mess with your keyboard autocorrect options, but I believe it will enable some US-only features like this one. And yeah, anyone who complains about getting a shaft from Google, try living in Croatia. We got Street View in maps a few months ago lol
+Edwin Castillo wo can release new features in existing software globally? Every other developer in Android Market/Google Play can and is even forced to.
+Marcus Wolschon When Shazam was launched, it was initially limited to the UK only. What other similar service has launched worldwide simultaneously?
+Edwin Castillo most of all similar=search services?
I can search for maps globally.
I can search for products globally (even as I can't pay with all of them).
I can search for people globally.
I can search for practically anything no matter where on this planet I am.
I'd be glad if such limitations would be eveb mentioned in release annoucements and there was a timeframe given for international release. But they don't even acknowledge that it is crippled. That's just the arrogance everyone always sees in US companies.
The announcement reads as if it where avaliable for every Google Now user while almost everyone except a small geographic group is excluded.
Yesterday I tryed that.
First time I got google seach on "What song is this" writen cyrylic letters. After I changed input language I got same search request on ordinary english. Its not that I expected.
+Marcus Wolschon See, you can't point to a single service launch that was released full featured worldwide. These things take time to make sure everything works with the increased load such a scope would entail. You can be sure that if anyone had the ability to deliver a flawless worldwide launch, they would.
don't work in french !! and play store don't work in 'dom tom' 
One more unnecessary software on my device: TrackID :)
Searching for maps (not the same as having maps of all places) was not offered outside the US for years?
Google+ was offered without search outside the US?
Product Search was announced individually to people who wouldn't get it for 2-3 years? (non-us businesses still don't have the same chances as they can't become trusted stores as merchants outside US+UK+CA have never been accepted to Google Wallet even until now.)
+Edwin Castillo so why don't they even acknowledge that it's a limited #usonly trial in the announcement and give any kind of rough timeframe for the real release to everyone?
"expected late next year" or something?

Just one purely organisational thing to think about:
Google has multiple large offices in each major country.
IF it where well organised, then the organisational and legal groundwork for any new service would start the same moment it starts in the US. Long before release. So by pure probability the first country for any release would not be the US, the US along with a few other countries or other countries would be included within weeks or at least 1-2 month.
You claim that one has to test the real world load first?
Then why is it services start in the huge US instead of some small country?
Realiy has it that services stay #usonly for years. So obviously even the paperwork to offer a new service doesn't start until way after a any release.
Think of Gmail. One of the oldest services around.
A good deal of help pages has never been translated and links in the official Google Blogs give a "no such topic" (no link that an english version exists or even an automatic translation like Microsoft does it in MSDN a decade before Google got big).
Another example: We still have half of YouTube blocked in Germany because Google has yet to apply for negotiations for an individual music licensing plan. They simply didn't do that simple step and everyone here is pissed about the consequences. Google just blames GEMA to not have licensed the music while instead GOOGLE refused to pay the regular fees and simply failed to even start negotiating a reduced one. Why do we even have serveral Google offices in Germany?
i live in the u.s. and my android has said nothing to me about any update!
I find it frustrating to read about new features in Android that are, again, only available in US. Google seems to be acting as though the rest of the world doesn't exist. Very disappointing.
Please, improve Google now for Italy!
Why the blah are people outside USA treated like second class citizens?
because we are not citizens? lol annoying however.
It's a joke to ask what's this song during the song is playing? :-) should I go elsewhere to any more silent place, ask and come back? :-) 
To bad you have to have Jelly Bean :-( I'm stuck on Gingerbread and ICS.
I haven't allowed google search to update yet. I don't want ANY app on my phone that can take pictures, record video and/or sound ANY time it want. Those are the permissios it is DEMANDING. NO.
is this still only available in the USA. I feel so left out on all the +Android  goodies here in Belgium
I need Jellybean! Google Now is amazing!
It works here in Canada since the latest Google search update, you guys must be doing it wrong. 

If you don't have access to Google Music yet, use tunnelbear (US/UK VPN server) then sign up...
this was an awesome add
I've got this song in my head, it goes, danana danana dadana da da da dooommm, can you tell me what it is?
The voice assistant needs to trigger the sound search each time it hears the standalone "Google" . I could use "What's this song?" but as soon as it is identified, I'm stuck staring at that screen. Why can't I say "Google" again and start a new search in Google Now?

The widget for "What's this song?" is what I never knew I wanted.
google do it please speak Portuguese
+Android  please make google voice available in Croatian... It is very simple language. Have only 32 phonemes.
As usual completely useless to people outside the US... -1
Sound Hound anyone? 
Your US-only feature can kiss my Canadian asshole.
Make it worldwide for tourist
Jon B
I couldnt get the song functionality working or the barcode scanner working on my nexus 4.  What am I doing wrong?
I have the Galaxy Note 2 and I live in the United States why do I not have this feature yet?
Is this an U.S.-only feature as of yet? I cannot get it to work here in Taiwan... 
Just ask Google (after moving to the USA)
Sounds great...will this be available for the Samsung II?  If so, when?
Hey guys wondering if anyone else has issues with getting news cards to show up on Google now?
Thought it's already in there before.Anyway, i'll be using this feature. 
Got the new update, but the song thing doesn't work
I live in the UK and Google Now is working fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3.
Dee Bev
Sadly my GS2 and my HTC One S both are still running on ICS.
Im up for a new phone at the end of June... Still rocking my Droid X2. Ive ran everything form Eclipse, AOKP, CM 7 and 10, and a couple others. Went back to CM 7.2 until I can get a new phone! Cant wait until I root the new one and get soem CM love on it! You guys rock!
That action is not supported in Malaysia
Doesn't Work On Evo LTE With JB. Asking "what song is this?" Causes A FC.
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Starts to work on my RAZR Maxx then force closes
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add me to wanna be your friend
Adicione-me quero ser seu amigo
When i ask what song this is it goes through the motions of detecting the song then crashes. Everything else works on my google now except song identifying. (MOTO Droid Razr)
Why isn't this available in the UK??
I really don't understand why this is USA only 
Yay I'm in the UK and I've got it, I just don't know how
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