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Check out this amazing collection of Photo Spheres, captured using using Nexus 4:

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I have seen many photo spheres made with nexus 4 and none of them looked remotely this good. Does it mean app was updated or are those fake?
+Milos Paripovic Rather, the people making them know how to make good photographs. You still need good technique (rotate about a tripod head for instance), be careful with composition, take the quality and amount of light into consideration and so on.
I really wanna get Android 4.2 update to my Gnex. Please Google, hurry up! :-D
I cannot wait to get the Nexus 4!!! This is Sweet!!!!
NEXUS 4, my next phone.
Amazing!!!  Oh no, I was just settling for the S3, but now maybe I want a Nexus 4!!!  Thanks for sharing +Android.  C-:   

+Amy Cairo check this out... I wish we had them in Europe, imagine the pictures we would have had!  :-D 
Am I really the only one that thinks this pointless since we can't view these in 3D.... 
+Sephiroth Egret these are great for using them in 3D
Actually i would like to request the authors to let me publish these under a browser 3D service in javascript using three.js 
I love the camera app and photo sphere that the nexus 4 has. I'm about to say goodbye to Verizon and my GS3 and hello to the nexus 4.
What I'd like to see is a street-view style viewer for these photo spheres ... built into G+, Android, and on the web. For those without Jellybean 4.2 ... try the app "Robot View", it already does this.
Just awesome for a smartphone!
+Android +Hugo Barra  there are a few without the block dots at top and bottom.  Is this done post process, or is there way to do it when making the sphere?
Gene T
How can I view this? All I can get is flat picture, there's no "sphere" at all :-\ 
I'm debating whether I should get the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Nexus 4...any suggestions?
Cuando las podremos rotar desde el móvil? , en la pc van genial
I'd love to do this, but I have an ancient Galaxy S III, which hasn't been updated. Yay, Android experience!
Can't. I have a LG Optimus s, but I'm raising up for a #nexus4. Does sprint have sim cards?
Just one reason I love android over ios devices.
The first picture resembles a CS : GO map...
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah  so funny mate
+Marlon Jones Some of Sprint's phones use sim cards and some don't. My mom has the HTC Evo 4g Design (hers uses a sim card) and i had the GS2 Epic 4g Touch (mine did not use a sim). My step dad has the same phone as my mom and his doesnt use a sim either lol
Can't wait for my nexus to get 4.2 so I can do this
And people are talking about iPhone revolutionary panorama #iship  
Too bad this doesnt have the same awesome effect in G+ Android app like the website.
Suck it , Lytro! Full panoramic photography is much more interesting than light field photography.
Rooted Galaxy Nexus already has 4.2 gapps including full camera features....root those gnex's people and try this stuff out.
well its incredeble.
But thing that must to be in Nexus - SD card extention.
thanks android, now we can take more impressive photos.
Honestly, I don't really like these photos. The technology is neat, but it's not very interesting to look at a warped panorama image of something. We don't have fish eyes, so looking at these images feels weird. They are artistic, but otherwise what am I supposed to get from them? It's not really showing me what the place looks like because it's all warped. A simple filter that normalized the warp and made it like a normal view would make these really cool. It seems this would be pretty straightforward to implement.
Love´s really beautiful <3<3
+Patrick Q  It is straitforward to implement.  If you click the above photos and drag around you'll see that it's already built into G+.
a moving picture. wow! :)
Dear +Hugo Barra 
We desperately want  #NEXUS  devices to launch in India.
People have been craving for pure Google experience for 4 years now, and all we get is excruciatingly high-priced Nexus products on E-bay.
I asked +ASUS too, and they replied that +Nexus 7 would launch 'soon'.
After Galaxy Nexus debacle, I am cautiously hopeful of finally getting my Nexus this year at least. Please ask LG, Samsung and Asus to send us Diwali gifts this winter.
I have photosphere in my Galaxy S2 with Cyanogen Mod 10
+Rael Naem Ah that's cool! My connection here at work is too slow to see for myself, but if its already in there, that's very cool. I just thought they were fish-eye panoramas. 
Downloaded and watched all on my GNex in photosphere mode. Nice work!
why some photoes have a black hole in the top, and some don't have?
well but still no news if and when android 4.2 will be released for my Transformer Prime and my Galaxy Note 2 ... but looks impressive ...
If you have a Galaxy Nexus, there's no reason for you not to have the 4.2 Gapps installed. I've had photoshere on my GNex for over a week now. 
Great job Google, you are two steps ahead of Apple ;)
I want to know if Nexus 4 camera is better than Galaxy S3 camera. 
Do you know?
Why do those pictures look so bad when zoomed in? Resolution seems low, with JPG compression artifacts all over ... 
Is there a different viewer that allows for better quality?
The picture looks kind of wierd in the part that it bends...i dont know, it doesn t seem very natural (real world is not bended for the human eye, it s straight), i guess the algorithm that pastes the different tiles should be tweaked somehow. Dont get me wrong, the feature is awesome, just a suggestion. Thanks.
Aweasume. When my galaxy nexus will got da 4.2 update
Any chance you can link to maps? G+ on my nexus 7 doesn't support them. Ironic given they're an Android post don't you think?
The g+ app doesnt thread the sphere pics right. Desktop app does well. 
wish to view them normally in google+ app (not like a panorama photo, but like a photosphere).

And the phones need a higher MP camera, because if you getting closer all you'll see is a bunch of pixels.. 
+Nir Galon You can do that. If you click to see the images (on the black background preview-er), there's an option button on the corner of each photograph, to choose between photosphere and a simple panorama.
Would be awesome if you could geolocate these and post them directly to Google Maps. 
I wish the Google+ app on my nexus 7 could show these ...
I wish I could use my international credit card on the Google play store to buy nexus hardware
awesome shoots with nexus 4. waiting for the nexus 4 to be launched in india eagerly.
I can't wait to drop SAMSUNG 
i wish i could have Nexus 4 or GS III. :(
My iPhone contract is up at the end of the year, I don't think I'm going back.
G+ really needs to allow higher res pictures to be uploaded.
I'm sure this has been asked... but is there way to view these correctly on a GNex?
Shut up and take my money already
will google plus support this kind of posting from any panorama app?
jesus christ. you don't like it, don't buy it. 4.2 will eventually come on some other phone of your liking, fucking crybabies.
I guess I don't get it. They're just distorted pictures of something I can see with my eyes, which provide a much better view. 
Indeed, Robert Hagelberg, you do not get it.
already test it, ported to my sgs3, and I start to forget to capture normal picture always sphere picture
Cool concept but it needs some improvement.
Is there a limit to the overall resolution? It looks like the spheres with fever pictures have a higher resolution.
All this pictures are just amazing! Luv it!
I always dream to own a house like that right side.
Just don't take it with you when you visit Sistine Chapel
You will get a black hole instead of The Creation of Adam :)
If anyone doubted the power of Android, that opinion is now squashed!  This is seriously a cool feature that helps bring our current world (view) to everyone else we know, share with and to the world on Google Maps.  Google keeps pushing the envelope and I'm happy to be along for the ride!   This proves that the technology, ideas and programming in Android is beyond other OS's that just want to control your environment with limited options because 'They' think they know what is best for you.  Go Google!  We are with you, we support you and we are excited to see what's next!  
Can't see with G+ app! Only with g chrome :/
when this phone will release in India and whats the price
5th  ave , time square NY , Master photos... what type of Android you get them?
F you Google, F you Android. The way you launched the Nexus 4 is downright disgusting.
Dear +Google  +Android  - The photosphere seems to be a good innovation, but there seems to be a problem on how the pics taken are aligned. I hope someone reads this post.

- The User should have the option to choose where the first blue dot is placed.

- Also, then the user chooses the window size of the camera in the photosphere mode, all the 4 sides should be equidistant from the blue dot earlier selected.

- The next blue dot suggested by the system should be away from the  first dot where the distance between the dots is twice the distance between the first blue dot and the border of the camera frame. 

These changes will help create pictures which are no overlapped. This is because, now as soon as the camera is pointed at the blue dot, the system captures the picture, which are mostly overlapped.

Or, I do not have the knowledge to use it correctly :(
is samsung galaxy s3 android software is available in Pakistan market 
Had it for awhile on my Samsung i9300 (S3), very cool feature.  It's available for a lot of phones already, look on xda.  Hopefully updates will eliminate some of the artifacts.
does anyone know how i can sell some photos taken from my android phone or a program is suitable for that?  and if no, does anyone else know how i can do that from any other website? photos are not profeccional..!
+Ahmad Zaib is a bit different from what i am looking for. i am actually looking for a way to sell my amateur photos without paying a fee in the start or at the end. i am looking for  a way to gain profit of total number of sales without waiting for the end of the month etc...
what kind of camera. such a beautiful scene/ i guess its panoramic soft
Karam M
if u can tell us if u are are planning to update the earlier android versions with this camera application ??
Photosphere as an app on Google Playstore please!
Why does it say 'loading panorama' on the mobile app? I think it should say 'loading photo sphere'. 
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