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An update to Google+ for Android is now available on Google Play:
New Google+ for Android: polish and performance

We continue to work toward a simpler, more beautiful Google, and today we're accelerating these efforts with a new Google+ app for Android phones. The update includes lots of highly-requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and to edit posts inline—as well as a stream that celebrates the rich content shared across Google+. In all cases we're building for a mobile future, and we're excited about what's ahead.

Start a hangout from anywhere, and ring the folks that matter most

With Hangouts we want to help people connect face-to-face-to-face—at any time, from anywhere. Of course, there's really only one device that's always by your side—your phone—so we've invested in mobile hangouts since early on. Today we're adding another important feature to the mix: the ability to start a hangout directly from your mobile device.

To get started, tap “Hangout” in the (new) navigation ribbon, add some friends and tap “Start.” We'll ring their phones (if you want), and if someone misses the hangout, they can ring you back with a single tap.

Share your favorites, and feel awesome afterward

When you share with your circles, we owe you an experience that's both intimate and immersive. Your time and your relationships are precious, after all, so your posts should make you feel proud. Today's new Android app takes this to heart, with full-screen media in the stream, conversations that fade into view and instantly-touchable actions like +1.

Do more, in less time

We think you’ll find today’s app nicer to look at, but we’re also making it easier to use. Improvements include:

A navigation ribbon that slides in and out, providing quick access to just about everything.

The ability to download photos directly from Google+, and turn them into wallpaper.

The chance to edit posts inline, in case you make any mistakes while on the go.

The update is available now from Google Play (version 2.6), so we invite you to download Google+, and let us know what you think!

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Very bad update. I want my "old" G+ back! Thisone sucks !
I'm sure users appreciate the ability to initiate a Hangout and to hear a ring when invited to a Hangout. But next we need serious Latitude integration. And the new interface is smooth, but it only looks good if people are posting pictures or articles with large photos in the stream.
i don't like that the text is in the pictures. it is sometimes hard to read the text
the google+ app is absolutely gorgeous. i wish google+ standard (on the PC/MAC) looked as nice.
Pretty horrific update. The images on everyone's posts are stretched and out of bounds of the screen. I can't +1 posts, and all the posts it displays are from over 5 days ago. Big time #G+Fail . I777 on CM9 (nightly 05/22/2012)
Thanks to the team behind it, it looks awesome.
I can't even get the programs I have to update due to I using the wrong phone type?
Dan Scott
The aspect ratios on some photos is laughably bad. Not sure how that got through QA.

EDIT: a follow-up update seems to have fixed the aspect ratio problem. Thanks for moving quickly, Google!
Great but what I'd also like to see is a version that is optimised for tablet displays.
Looks great on my phone but not so good on my tablet. The worst is if you go to the pictures section every album preview pic looks blurry (like meant for phone interface and stretched).
Crossing my fingers for a tablet optimized version sooner rather than later!
Just updated and it's awesome.. how can I sign in to pages I created via the app?
+Heather Jabusch you may need to transfer some of your photo's or music to either your computer or your memory card.
Awful.....can now get only two posts on my screen. Terrible big fonts and waste of screen space.
Posts with multiple images have no indication (unless I'm overlooking something) that there are more than one photo. I can see them if I click the post, click the image, and then swipe. But we need an indicator of some sort. Otherwise I like everything I've see so far.
Web: 50% useless whitespace. Android: stretched out pictures with unreadable text on top of them. Who comes up with these things?
Not optimized for tablet and very ugly in landscape mode also on smartphone with Qwerty keyboard. Dislike.
Thanks for making us secondary to the iPhone
Not bad on the phone. Awful on Tablet. I liked the old 1 much better :(
good to know, what i shall not update..horrible!
I love the new update; it looks great!
Chris V
Have we always been able to hangout from our phones with someone on PC? If not, that is a GREAT addition.
approved. very nice layout and UI
spread the word.
Windows Phone app PLEASE!
Like it much more. Gets rid of much of the negative space.
Generally like it, the way the new UI incorporates images is nice IMO. Still gotta get used to the menu that kinda reminds me of the Facebook app, though. ;)
Could we PLEASE have a font size setting. Not everyone wants great big toy town fonts.
As long as you dont include the option to interact with the pages, it is just style over substance... And it stays behind the competition...
Image aspect ratio is screwed up. More importantly though, white text with a white (or light coloured) image for a background means the text is hard to read.
The new stream view is nice (maybe kind of difficult to read), but what the heck with the facebook-like fly-in menu binded to the actionbar's up button and thus only accessible from the main activity? It doesn't make any sense! There is no way to navigate the app without reaching the main activity. Is it a up button or a menu button? Can't be both.
I like it more, but maybe a dark overlay behind the text mike make it more readable.
Oh dear...I just turned my Galaxy Note to landscape......did Google not even test this?
the worst design ever! where is the -1 button?
Please add support for Google Plus Pages! The Facebook mobile app has this feature - why not the G+ mobile app?
I'm certainly liking it so far, curious to see what's next.
I think the developers was a bit in a hurry to release this update - landscape on galaxy nexus and galaxy s are with black space in the right side! what a shame! ... one of the basic features of an android phone is a landscape mode! come on devs - new update plz...
nice, smooth and responsive....
I not downloaded it yet, but by de description I think it now is awesome.
Don't see any difference from iOS version
Really nice on phones, but looks terribly on tablets. Please reconsider doing something for tablets. It really needs it.
Reads more like Flipboard. I like it! +1
I don't know how Google expects other developers to develop tablet-optimized apps when Google doesn't for one of its flagship products.

Also, really hoping you add a black outline to the text in front of pictures to make it easier to read, or darken the shadow at the top of the picture.
Is there any plans to create a homescreen widget that shows the stream? This is the main thing holding me back from using G+ more.
Work harder for simplicity ... I can barely read the text on most posts! Hire me for a better UI experience.
Do you want me to use the G+ website instead of the native android app? The stream is now nearby unreadable, even on a Galaxy Note screen... :-(
It looks horrible on my Droid Xyboard 8.2
I uninstalled the update.
+Android I don't understand , you were able to start a hangout befor through messenger ?
Oh....while I'm moaning, how do I block 'check-ins'? The 'Nearby' stream might be interesting if it wasn't 100% full of check-ins.
You folks gotta give +Google+ time to go through its growing pains. Don't complain about every update like it is going to be the final version. Remember Google + is just a baby still.
The pop-in menu is labeling hangouts, circles and photos in the wrong order. Could be a Swedish translation error.
downloading it as we speak...slow connection here, but anxiously waiting for the completion :)
terrible update, looks horrible on a tablet, and i can't read the text if there are bright images under, its hard to know where one post starts, what its about.. everything about the new design is poor. I know this sounds like facebook whine, but in this case, the functional and informative parts about the app are gone, and inn are the "looks good on images created to make it look good" and in a commercial, but it does not work in real life. Hell i even thought it was bugged because someone posted a image from their stream, it looked like there where 2 streams over each other, but it was just an image. -1 And people need to complain, how else are Google going to know i they did a good or bad job, they cant grow and evolve by flying blind.
I actually like it on my transformer prime. Maximizes dead space with content. My assumption, it can only get better from here!
This update is sooo beautiful.. g+ ftw
This "update" is so bad, I uninstalled it from my phone. I'll wait.
Too soon, as has happened with your last releases (i.e., Drive): Some (only some, why?) of the pictures appear stretched in your beautiful wide view, all the avatars have a white background over your beautiful dark background), etc. Apple wouldn't do this, learn from your competitors.
The App shows terrible pics at the Tab-version.
Using it for awile now and....sry, but it SUX!
Gief the old one back...only good thing is that you now can +1 directly from the streams.
Why cant they let us choose what interface we want of the two.
Not sure about the new layout. In landscape it looks terrible. When in landscape the pictures are still squares with overlaying white text however there is a massive blank space to the right of the photo. The white text runs off the photo into this empty space. It just looks unpolished.

I see what they are going for. It seems like they are going for a google currents look. I like the navigation from the top left corner where you can switch to profile messenger and all that without having to go to that big white screen with 5 buttons for each however the streams are harder to look at and read especially if a picture has white text in it already and then white text overtop of that.

This UI is also quite unattractive on a small screen. It might look better on all the huge phones that have come out but im still using my Nexus One. (best phone ever)
I don't like the new interface. Please back to the previous version or make an option to choose the interface.
Some text are too big especially for a large phone like the Galaxy Nexus it feels like using those phones for old people!
Give me an option to re-size the background pictures.
I hate it :( .... the background pictures make it slow and hard to read.
So why did you update the iPhone one first? So much for focusing on Android.
Jef ry
Esta genial
The new setting makes me dizzy....
Jerum M
Yess, finally!
Aside from pictures not scaling well this is a definite improvement. Please fix the stretched photos and life will be good.
Hate it. With this update, I'll no longer be using G+ for android.
Me gusta!! asi se nota diferente a las demas redes :D
The stream looks like a badly designed homepage from the early 90s.
What happened to notifications?
Piet Swk
This has definitely not been tested on the Galaxy Note. Graphical errors, such as stretched pictures or post overlapping each other in a way that should not be.
Also, this huge screen should be capable of having more than only two posts at once on the screen. The white text on 'text pictures', bright or even white pictures is kind of bad to read, if not impossible.

And what I can't judge yet: The data used by loading all of these background pictures must be high.

Seems to be a simple mistake after all: By the looks of that Google gave us an early alpha version of the app.
Good, but images need to be scaled correctly.
But amazing update overall....:)
Just updated it, really gorgeous looking update.
Ohhh god.. really awesome update!
Good job Google :D
I really like the new look. Hopefully Google will continue to improve the interface of other products. I'm looking at you Google Reader.
Aaron G
Wish gifs would work in mobile
I like some of the additions, but couldn't help noticing that the "home as back" button brings up a navigation menu rather than a home screen now. I never really liked the home screen, to be fair, but the idiom of the "<" meaning back was important. Shouldn't the nav items be in the upper left, according your your own design specs, google?
Really impressive. Loving the extra devotion to graphics!
The app should check the level of white color in the background image. And change overlay text color to black. As it is now, sharing a media with white colors, will make the overlay text unreadable
Hey, Google what are you doing? It's unusable on a tablet! :-(
I want to share a chat between my phone and computer. How is this not possible yet?
on SGS2 it's impoosible to read any overlapping each other...
Terrible update in my opinion. Images not scaled correctly. Had to click twice to see the entire picture. First click opened the post (image still not fully visible). Second click finally opened the image itself in a scale where it was fully visible. Text over the pictures is a complete crap shoot as far as contrast and readability are concerned. Colors in pictures can wash out the text and make it unreadable.

I tested this on my HTC One S and my ASUS Transformer tablet. Same issues on both.
The current UI isn't compelling, to use an euphemism... Please rollback
Terrible update. Impossible to use it on the phone. I have to stop using this app.
Images are blurred and stretched on my nexus s. Is it a joke?
Horrible on android tablet, never going to buy another one if google juste don't care about lit.
pictures are all stretched and look bad on my Sammy SGS1
No problem on my Droid X. Not sure I like the change but it is working fine.
Really beautiful!! Great work ^ ^
I'm using it right now and is great upgrade!
uninsalled update... horrible horrible with pictures in background!
Only complaints so far:
- Aspect ratio of pictures in posts is off. Pictures are stretched to fit the allotted space, and it looks weird. I think only displaying a portion of the picture would be better
Works great on my Epic 4G CM9 but on my ASUS Prime looks horrible horizontally but hope it gets fixed.
Looks horrible on tablets .... and phones with a bigger screen ....
Where is the easy hangout option? I can still only do it through messenger.
The large images are awesome, but sometimes, if the image or little snippet of text is not concise, I'm now left wondering what some posts are about as I scroll through my feed. Of course, with the convergence of blogging, tweeting, status updating, photo sharing, etc, there's no doubt it's tough to make a viewer that is perfect for all those types of sharing, on screens ranging from 3.5-10 inches. Also, as several comments have already indicated, lots of the images in the Android (but not iOS) update are blurry and warped.
Looks great on my Kindle Fire though it takes quite a bit of time to load up. Its a bit awkward in landscape too.
About time, its embarrassing that iOS got this first.
Looks even better on the tablet than my phone!
This is a great example how to kill functionality with a modern style. Looks nice, but useless as a toll for reading information.
Not to my taste, and where might be the "surprise" that you promised to wow Android users? Please don't tell me that this is all you've got. Get Currents team on this project if possible, they have the "touch".
Jeff Lo
Yuck! Stretched images.
Is it just me or pics with white background make white font difficult to read...
overall, pretty good update , buy i'm having hangout errors on the samsung infuse #googleplus #hangout
Sugiero agregar sombra en el texto, ya que es difícil leerlo cuando las imágenes de fondo son muy claras ó totalmente blancas. Sin embargo, me encanta el nuevo diseño.
Really Liking the new layout on my Sensation AND Transformer Prime . Pics look Great! Don't know why Others are Complaining ?
STILL WISH we could "Find" a Different City Circle (hint, hint). Would be nice to check out other cities & what THEY'RE Doing ...
Would like the widget to get rounded corners to fit the general style of most widgets, though
I hate the new interface. It is cluttered and unusable. I want to go back to the old one. -1
I love the new G+. It works and looks beautiful on my Droid Incredible running AOKP. Keep up the good work. Everything works perfectly and I'm impressed.
nice update it take google plus to another level
Now that Google + Motorola is a fact, I'm hope that developer team remember about the MB502 Charm and others Android 2.2 Smartphones...
What a poor design. It is really a big step back.
For the love of all that is holy! Please remember that some people use tablets! This is utterly useless on tablets. #androidisontabletstoo
Chris V
So far the only complaint I have about the design is the fact that I sometimes have to click twice to see an entire picture due to overlapping text. For example, if I see a picture in my stream with a funny headline (blocked by the owner's information), I have to click on the image which opens up the comment section (headline still blocked by owner information). I then have to click on it again to see the full image.

Other than that, great job.
Looks good at some posts. Some Not. Still like the look..
This design is not simpler nor more beautiful, it looks really confusing, the text sometimes is hard to read with the background image and I have to press every post i want to see instead of just scroll!!! Once again, I'll logout from G+ on Android, and check it only on the computer :(
+Jason T i had it some minutes before this news. Funktions r okay but i realy dont like the new stream.
Why iPhone version is more beautiful then Android version? Is it about Android's failure?
It is not that good on the tablet... But yet nice.
please let us control text size. please. G+ android just became much less useful.
Unbelievable. It's the first time I downgrade a Google app to the previous version.

The stream is absolutly horrible, especially on phones with larger screen and on tablets. :-((
The features are great, but I Don't like the new look.
I'm with +Eric Girard I have a Motorola Xoom wifi as my primary tablet and this update was never made for the size of screen it provides. Looks even worse in landscape mode on such a big screen. C'mon #google , I thought you were going to give us something worth waiting for? This looks like a very poor port of the iPhone version. Don't hype if you can't deliver.
This looks horrible on galaxy nexus. Did you test this before releasing?;
I read reviews, look horrible. I won't update on my phone.
Very nice indeed but still not as smooth as the iPhone app. Wish android could improve on that. It's soooo frustrating!
Very nice indeed but still not as smooth as the iPhone app. Wish android could improve on that. It's soooo frustrating!
The update makes it harder to read and get an overview of your feed. Too much blur and too little text to be useful. It is also slow. Will probably use g+ less.
Gren W
Just looks messy on my GNex. Can't read stuff as easy - did they really think this was better. Extra bling is not always wanted
Sorry, this software application is an abortion.. It's turned the main feed into a series of Windows 8 style icons from which I can't see the text in each post, with badly formatted text in a font that is far too big. The truncated overlaid text on each "post" just merges into whatever background image might be present. The transitions look fancy but they don't add anything to usability.

I've restored it back to the factory installed version on ICS on the Nexus S because it really is a mess to look at and use. Sorry, I hate saying bad things about stuff, but this is pretty useless as a social networking tool.
I agree, this is a mess. White text on light photos is not good.
I like where the app is headed. It looks nice and flows well, however the size and scale need to be adjusted. It is hard to tell what you're looking at unless there is a picture, and the pictures look grainy and stretched.
The only thing I don't like about the update is that I miss the old UI.

Is there any way that it could be included as an option in a future update?
Colin B
Is there a way to retrieve previous version instead of this one? Less information on screen + hard to read = unuseable app. Does it means G+ is that much a failure Google QA team do not review app anymore ?
plz explain why the ios version runs smoother than the android version and I have the latest phone the 1X.... someone plz explain this to me.
Or two separate applications/UI skins - "G+ classic" and "New G+" and we'll see which one wins out. Can't be that hard to sort out..surely?
Terrible update. Stretched images, strange fonts, less information on the screen.
Who did this ? The app looks crap now, I can't use this.
I love the new look & feel...
Garbage update. I'm lucky enough to have a backup of the old version on my phone. I'm a big advocate among my friends for g+ but I feel I should go hide in a cave until the next update. :(
Not enough text on most posts. I want to read more without needing to drill into the post. Otherwise I like the changes.
I just downloaded the update to Google+ It sounds really good...I look forward to trying it out...
Looks like my imgur rss stream. This is just horrible!
Looks awesome! I hope we will see more applications using the same style. :-)
Hey there google devs! Why don't you guys make the tablet version? This one looks bad on tablet especially on landscape mode!
Terrible when used landscape unfortunately.
Terrible. Everything feels messy with text on top of images (which often contain text), and legibility is very low.
This update does suck huge balls. I hate the way it looks. It's all congested, huge pixelated pictures. I hate it. Makes me not even want to use it.
It looks absolutely h horrible on a tablet. Tiny pictures scaled to enormous size. Comments takes the whole line and become unreadable. Fonts are too small (for tablet, fine on a phone). Long long way to five stars.
Just went back to 2.5 on my Galaxy Nexus and the Transformer Prime. :-(
Gran bella porcata. La nuova interfaccia è inutilizzabile.
Why? Why on Earth you are scaling photos and videos ignoring their original proportions?
The new app looks and works great, but the gradient behind the text needs fixed. It is far too difficult to read text over lighter colored images, but text only posts are beautifully clean and readable. Also, stretching the images in the posts looks awful. Maybe placing a normal sized image above or below a text box would be a better option.
Bad update! Bad idea! Why, Google? It looks awful! Sometimes you can't read the text. 100% a no go! Does you have no QA team?
Severe aspect ratio problem, how does one back off to a working version?
I had a notification on my phone that there was a update to the G+ app, and I thought okay. I read the changes and it didn't seem to be anything dramatic. That was certainly a miscalculation. I wish I could go back to the previous version.

The focus is way too heavy on the images with a lot of the accompany text placed over the image, which would not be what I would prefer. Moreover, all of the posts appear to bleed into one another. It's not very smooth in my opinion. I think the desktop API is better even though I still have issues with some of its updates.
I like the new update to Google + great work Google long live Android not guilty!! In Oracle infringement case!!
-1 -1 -1 Who thinks the new look and feel could be good? Text is not readable anymore. Clarity is gone. By far the worst Google app now. Too bad.
I just shared link a book from Play store. Now all that I can see in the stream is a black rectangle. This becomes stupid. Why can't you display a book cover there it even better good old annotation. Before the update it was few lines of annotation - way better then ugly black rectangle.
[sarcasm alert] Somebody quick, set up a G+ page called "I hate the new G+, bring back the old one!" Then it can be just like FB!! (I like it on my Droid X, clearly there can be improvements in text readability and the issues with picture scaling should be fixed, but seriously, it's a free app, guys, try to keep your comments and suggestions positive and courteous)
when comes the tablet version??? i am quite disappointed
Ok...this will be the strategy to make people changes cell: increasing app size is making that a HTC Desire can't install more than 3-4 big apps and necessary ones (gmail, etc)...In 6 months will be impossible to use the phone with the new apps...great...
Such an amazing update. Odd that iOS users got it first but it looks amazing on my Galaxy Nexus.
Just reading the complaints and it looks amazing on ics. Maybe that's the problem.
I prefer the other google plus format. This one is has too many things going on. Just don't really like it.
a lot of the images on my feed really don't work as a photo behind text... they'd be much better left as thumbnails. the web interface seems to be able to tell the difference for the most part... also now you lose all the link descriptions in your feed. and the interface still isn't tablet oriented. at least the widget is still readable.
This update will be extended to 2.1 users (MotoBlur MB 502 Charm), with the acquisition of Motorola?
Picture backgrounds in posts need to be more transparent to allow better text readability. Picture scaling must be fixed. There also seem to some bug with the menu ribbon where it mixes up the different selections.
Yeah! I can start a hangout on my phone!! Been waiting for this. And the photos do look much nicer. Love the upgrade.
Quelle déception. Bon, on va dire que c'est un nouveau départ et que l'application ne peut que s'améliorer.
The new app definitely looks awesome but I can't stand the extra scrolling lag even though I'm on the Galaxy Nexus :(
It looks nice.Should say it reminds me Microsoft Metro style, but i like that. You should upgrade picasa now!
Please give us smaller text and no text on the puctures in the timeline.
Very well done. Long needed update.
But the Tablet widescreen experience is lacking (shrunk pictures).
I love it. Really impressive to see all the modification
I like the look of it but it feels a bit cramped on my Galaxy S2. The font size could be reduced a bit. Maybe it will look better on the bigger screen of my new Galaxy S3 when it arrives next week. :-)
I love this new mobile layout! It looks great on my Galaxy Note except for the occasional pixelated photo in the Stream.
there does not seem entirely in Danish. For example when I press the photo so I will come to hangout and when I press circles so I come into the photo, so there are just some bugs that must be fixed
Google, that's a joke? Seriosly, that's unusable, go back to the last design please.
Its very nice, however very slow at rendering images when wanting to flick down my stream and is a bit glitchy. Have to go through the stream once then go back to the top and slide down again before it renders smoothly. Have a smooth GNexus so its not the phone, in fact I'm actually expecting an even better experience than other users because I'm using just pure Google OS.
And very surprised iOS got the update before Google's very own android, especially ICS.
This design will take some getting used too, but I think I am going to like it. At least I like it on my Nexus. It SUCKS on my Prime tablet. It does not have any tablet features, just a larger surface because of the larger display. I would have hoped it would at least have a split screen kinda of like gmail does.
Well, the ui is certainly different. A little bit of feedback though, please let us turn off "what's hot" i honestly don't care about pictures from a bear falling out of a tree posted by nbc. It's not relevant to me, which happens a lot with the hot feature.
I would appreciate "show pictures on the background" (on/off). Huh, I'll give it a try and then send feedback...
... btw having #htc #desire and rendering image speed is ok.
Was it just me, or did this post initially confuse anyone else? I saw it first after I updated, and thought my stream was f-ed up!
I love white over black theme. Wish it is consistent everywhere, because it is battery friendly on AMOLED screen. :)
Step 1) Install Google+
Step 2) Be surprised but dont panic
Step 3) Uninstall Google+
Step 4) Search Google for Google+
Step 5) Download and install Google+
Step 6) Enjoy!
"do more in less time".... If by more you meant scrolling, this update nails it. If by more you meant "interact with circles", better rethink the overall UI design.
BM Kwok
However the pictures are distorted
I prefer a simple G+, the new version is not look good, is it possible not to show the picture as background.
I'd love to see an update that can play animated gifs. Other than that, the app looks great.
Epic fail! All but unusable on my Galaxy Nexus. Thankfully I had backed up the old one just in case.
Did no one test pictures with light backgrounds?
Absolutely horrible... I'm colorblind and can't read damn thing now... It's also much slower!
personally I quite like the new interface although I much prefer to see it applied on Google Reader App
i know it, love android
The wordings on top of pics with white background is making reading very difficult.
Yikes, half the pictures are stretched and distorted beyond recognition, and the other half make text illegible.
Why? It was simple and great. Now it's hard to read, flashy and hideous. Is it based on touchwiz?
I'm.... Well it's okay except the text overlay and stretched images look kinda funky. +Vic Gundotra you guys can correct the overlay and scaling issues can't you?
The old Google+ was much nicer looking than this new design.
Sorry, but the new version on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 is really ugly! Iiik!
Fugly. What did you guys do???! Utter fail, that's killed G+ for me permanently now.
sorry but this update robs clarity from the stream.. especially when people have non-contrasting (cover) photos. why didntja just stick to Holo theme.
I like the old style, white, clean. The font size aren't big. Of course that this update have a lot of features improved.
Jay R
Love the new look of Google plus. Nice. I see why apple/Mac users want Google/Droid just go Droid and you'll be a happy fruit.
Google, you made it good looking, but less usable. For example now I don't have a chance to see last comments for each post. I guess you did to reduce number of comments for each post. It would be great if will support both UI, old and new and user will be able to select.
Pensilvaniaimo hehe muii buenoo en mi android no me kiere ejecutar bien
Looks bad on tablet. stretched out pictures, landscape view is horrible. If you rotate the device, it pops you back to the top of the article. And you can no longer preview the text accompanying links in the stream - you have to click through to them. This update is a total disaster, and it's disappointing for Google to ignore its own tablet platform.
Just uninstalled the G+ appo on my HTC Flyer. The mobile interface looks and functions much better in the Android Browser, especially on tablets.
Just uninstalled. The mobile web interface is better on my Android tablet.
New features are welcome, like the new ribbon menu and better hangout support. As a down side the stream is now ugly. I prefer the clear readable look of the old client. Please add options to turn off the picture as background and size options for the fonts!
Now I can't read most of the text. Give me an option to get the text off of the pictures. This sucks as bad as the facebook timeline.
how can you able to make such wonderful image
Definitely needs "turn off background image" #option. Also "last comment first" #option, It took lifetime to scroll down old comments in this post!
What a pile of crap...
Text too big. Annoying effect to load the next item from bottom that can't be turned off, item in screen I didn't ask for. So utterly bad that I thought it to be a joke. Deinstalled and replaced with old version.
I need the ability to reduce font size, having this massive font is ridiculous
Its interesting but its not made for tablets. At least the old app looked good on tablets.
What do you mean??? Auto correct is working just find with me... I'm actually typing in landscape mode with auto correct working just fine :D
I guess that was made by a newbie at... Apple.
Where is the simple, aesthetic and cluter free design that has made Google so proud... ?
I'd still like to know why Google's own android gets this update about a week later than iOS does.
Not a fan of the new version at all. It's horrible. Terrible refresh and visually gaudy. How can I go back to the previous version?
Looks like complete CRAP on tablets. Come on Google, this is pathetic. Lead by example, otherwise people will move towards an OS that actually cares about Tablet Apps.
I don't suppose a ghost button is normal in the side bar (the one with the stream, messenger, profile buttons on it)?
Wow @Simon Schubert.

It's awful but there's no qualification of why.

Maybe its different and you don't like change? Maybe you have a better idea?

I guess we'll never know, except that you think its awful.
I'm glad the hangout is available now!
Any way of changing notification ringtone from phone default? I like my apps to have separate notification sounds and all of them support it except g+
Clearly someone forgot to test on tablets. Layout does not scale properly.... see the comments on pics... everything looks cheesy on tablet...
I don't like how it squishes or cuts off all the pictures... It was easier before to scroll through the feed to see what I want to look at in more detail.
I'm not really complaining, though, just putting it out there.
Terrible on HTC EVO 4G!! How do I go back?
It's bloody awful if you use the +Google+ stream for anything other than looking at pictures!
Definitely cool, can't wait to try it.... I bet even better Pic is very much possible although the Picture here is undoubtedly amazing...
Really beautiful, but a huge load for my crappy data connection. I guess it ruins everything on my phone. Congratulations for the app.
Just got another update of the app. Seems that Google fixed the issues I had superfast!
Yes. Another update and now that's what I call smooth! No more jitters. Very nice! Will definitely be using it even more
I can only read the first two lines of my posts ... but at least there's a giant picture behind it to make it difficult to read!
Its best but font size too big which doesnt feel good at all.
I like the way to read each individual post but I liked more the old feeds interface. In a tablet a lot of the feeds pictures are in very low resolution and that gives a very bad aspect to the main screen.
Looks ugly! Bad UI design! Tablet version sucks! ... Why Google? Even after the first g+ update you don't change the bad UI... Sorry, that's a g- !
Phone version deeply sucks. The UI is ugly and unusable. Too much colors, the text is unreadable. --
I think the best solution would be to allow users to choose between the two UI
Why not at this Open Source Device allow EVERYBODY TO EASY ROOT their terminals with an offcial APK

I am trying to root mine, and I will have to use MS WOS - Using Linux for 3 years but I have an old IDE disk with bare metal MS WOS for rare things.

Root users are more or less 5% usually geeks, making root easier perhaps it will grow to 10%, but I do not think so.

And this root users provides the Android ecosystem powerful feedback that is good for future versions upgrades.

PLEASE GOOGLE EASY FREEDOM for our DEVICES. Not everybody uses freedom.
New google plus Android app design is really terrible and non usable. Why you do that?
BM Kwok
Good, the distorted pictures fixed
It really is much better! And finally the hangout is working...I really was waiting for it!
tengo mi cuenta ,gamil y mi tabble, no puedo bajar por ejemplo tango ne disen que no tengo permiso ,que debo hacer .
the feed or whatever it's called is absolutely terrible.
Bader A
It's looks great. Keep moving ahead.
Beautiful! I wish more of my friends were on Google+ so I could rid myself of Facebook.
Nice design (loving the blacks n' reds) but it neds more options. to change your personal info not just the picture, to scale photos, zoom them, ect. more functions, more options, more everything. hahaha and it's already 25MB :)
don't like the zooming effect of posts.
prefer a much two-dimensional design.
Great, keep up the good work
Here are my suggestions:.

Google+ would be even better if you included a feature that is already included in GoogleDrive, i.e. seamless switching between accounts.

Some people - like me - share a device or have multiple accounts (private, business etc.) and would love to easily switch accounts without having to sign in and sign out.
Could be done through a simple drop down menue (like in GoogleDrive).

It would also be good if whenever choosing to share something one could choose first: share with google+, second: then have a chance to choose which account.

And when like me you are maintainig multiple pages in Google+ it would also be very convenient to be able to easily choose which page to share to (as far as i can see this is not yet included, or did i miss it?).

Kind regards, Carsten
Worst update google ever made. App is absolutly useless. fyi and byby google+
Looks great... but what about a new tablet UI ???
It looks beautiful, but the update forced me to hard reset my phone.
Plus it's super slow to update and sometimes thinks it's not connected to the Internet even though I have full bars on my 3G.
Why am I getting random "What's Hot" posts in my All Circles stream? I'm missing posts from friends and family due to the extra noise.
The one feature I HATE, and it's a biggie, is the way in which posts are displayed on the stream. Photos are cropped to lose the top and bottom so you can't see the whole image from the stream view. If you tap on the post you STILL don't get to see the entire image but instead the same cropped partial image along with comments. To see the whole image you have to tapa second time. For someone who mainly uses G+ for photography this is a MAJOR pain in the a***.

Please change it. Thank you.
+Travis Halfman Go to your 'What's Hot' steam and slide the slider to none. I also think that you have this ability on the 'What's Hot' posts that pop up into your screen.
Make a way to disable the pics-behind posts or roll it back entirely, half my stream is totally illegible now.
I really like the update so far.
Focus on making things looking good even for widescreen. Mobile landscape looks weird and same is on web version, why 50% white space. This app might look better with some black transparent background under text, its sometimes undreadable.
Can't update Google+ Keep getting 921 error from my Gnex. What gives? And when will get my ICS update for 4.0.4+?
I think the new Android g+ app is absolute rubbish. Sacrifices functionality/usability for graphic fluff. Single entries take up the whole screen on my phone and requires several taps to see the relevant comment stream, and then back again. I much prefer the browser design.
Once they fixed the 10.1 issue,  I am kinda of liking it.  I think there is a bit more work, but I like the direction.   Need to make it to where the text over the graphics is more legible. 
Okay. On my HTC Sensation running Android 4.0.3 with Sense 3.6; this update is terrible. Sure the stream looks pretty, but to look at a full picture (and I must do this often due to text running of the page) now requires two clicks. This means loading two pages instead of one. I lose time doing this and I didn't go 4g to lose time. Even worse, try watching a video from your stream. On my phone I need to load 5 pages (play, play, play, play...) and then scale to full screen. Old version I just tapped the video image and it played. Rotate the phone and it when full screen.

Google. This update does not do anything but look good. I will not continue to use. Even the Facebook app is better sad to say. 
I have had the opportunity to experience the apple iOS and the Android operative system in a mobile device, and believe me when I say Android RULES!

I recently updated my Sony Xperia Mini Pro (SK17a) from Ginger Bread to Ice Cream Sandwich, and there are some features I found out there were not that 'awesome'

1.- Camera function opened: with Ginger Bread it was easier to select between front and rear lens, there was an icon available at the top of the screen, now with ICS I have to go through the exposure menu to select between lenses :(
2.- Text messages: with Ginger Bread, at the time I received a text message (either way, phone server, whatsapp, etc.) or notifiaction for e-mail, the LED blinked.  As of today, with the ICS update, this feature is not available anymore, and YES! I reviewed all the settings and still doesn't work at all :(
3.- Google search bar: Something is wrong with the typing, it's really hard to get a fast response, the keyboard seems to be working propperly however, the cursor stucks  :(
4.- Screen capture/ Screen shot.- with Ginger Bread you only had to press the on/off button and select the "screen capture" form the menu, now with ICS you have to press two buttons simultaneously, the on/off + low volume... that's not an improvement!
mind you, does not work accurately :(
5.- Sound/vibration.- with ICS I select the vibration mode on the phone during the night and I don't know why in the morning the phone shows it's on sound mode... what happened? I didn't have this problem with Ginger Bread.  Too bad because this also happens frequently during the day, it has been embarrasing (after the update) to actually set up the vibration mode and when less expected the phone rings :(
6.- Widget resize.- Certainly not all the widgets are resizable :(

I am confident all these nonconformities will be taken under consideration. 
I liked more the old version. When the image is very clear you can not read good comments.
where  is the  3g   the most iportent  thing 
ICS update to Sprint Galaxy S2 - battery KILLER!!  Getting less than half of life as Gingerbread, same phone same apps
I've got an SII and vonder how to get an SIII, can't bye one, it is to expensive. How do i do
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