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Starting today, you can mirror exactly what you see on your Android phone or tablet straight to the TV with Chromecast. Whether you’re sharing your family photos from your phone, surfing the web, or searching for your next vacation destination, Chromecast makes it easy to enjoy your favorite entertainment on the big screen TV. Look out for the 1.7 update of the Chromecast app ( on Google Play store to use this new feature, and head to the help center ( to learn more.
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Both my phone and tablet say that I have software version 1.5.5 but I am not able to get an update to 1.7
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Get up close and personal with your #Nexus device when you use Face Unlock. Once it's enabled, the device’s front-facing camera cross-checks your facial features to confirm it’s you, then unlocks your device.
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In a dark place it doesn't work!!!!
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Introducing the first apps for Android Wear!

Now you can order dinner, take a note, send a message, check your flight, or even learn a language right on your Android Wear device. Check out some examples in the album below, or head to Google Play see the full selection of apps now available for Android Wear (with many more to come!):

#androidwear #androidapps
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More details on the Samsung Gear Live powered by #AndroidWear
Introducing the Samsung Gear Live, powered by #AndroidWear

Google has built a revolutionary wearable operating system — here’s why we’ve built the best watch for it.

The close relationship between Google and Samsung has been going strong for a long time, so when Google began working on Android for wearables, we knew we were in a great position to provide the best experience possible.

The result is the Gear Live, Samsung’s newest wearable, providing the most optimal, intuitive and customizable Android Wear experience. It works closely with all the Google services you rely on, including Google Now.

The Gear Live goes beyond notifications for staying current and a heart rate monitor for staying healthy — though it does those things exceptionally well. It’s information that moves with you, and we think we’ve built the best Android Wear experience out there with an intuitive new user interface, and superior design, build and screen quality.

With Android and Android Wear, Google has devised an amazing software platform at the front line of the digital lifestyle. With the Gear Live, you get excellent hardware quality similar to our existing smartphones, tablets and wearables.

The advanced, customizable applications and software functionality like Google Now and Gmail are pure Google. The Super AMOLED screen’s with incredible color and screen clarity, the IP67 dust and water resistance, and the sleek, comfortable design are pure Samsung.

Powered by Android Wear

Google Now gives you useful, real-time information when you need it most, and that information is tailored specifically to you. It’s been wildly popular and successful in Android phones and tablets, and it’s a natural fit for Android wearables.

Just ask using Google’s voice technology, and the Gear Live will rapidly serve up personalized flight information, traffic and weather reports, restaurant recommendations and a lot more. On top of that, you can get notifications from your favorite apps in the Google ecosystem. That means Gmail, Hangouts, Google Maps, text messaging, and a wealth of fitness apps that make brilliant use of the built-in heart rate monitor.

With an always-on display, one-touch device wakeup, and the same “OK, Google” voice commands you use on the latest Android phones and tablets, the Gear Live is the most intuitive, easily accessible wearable. You’ll get straight answers to spoken questions, nothing less. It’s information that moves with you.

The most personalized and customizable smart wearable

Android is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system in part because it’s highly customizable, and that philosophy stands with the Gear Live. At launch, you’ll be able to pick up the Gear Live in black, and a Wine Red option is right around the corner. 

You can pick from a variety of clock faces to make it your own, and it uses a standard 22mm watch band strap, so there are numerous interchangeable strap options. Combine that with the deep personalization of Google Now, and you can absolutely make this wearable yours.

Cutting edge specifications

From any wearable, you may expect a heart rate monitor for fitness tracking and also Bluetooth connectivity to interact with your apps, and otherwise. We took it up a notch with the Gear Live.

It uses the same Super AMOLED screen technology you know from the GALAXY S5 and the just-launched GALAXY Tab S. The screen measures 1.63 inches and packs 512 MB of RAM with 4GB of internal memory under the hood.

The Gear Live is your key to a multiscreen world, and we think it should meet or exceed the same standards of quality, responsiveness and durability that your other devices have.
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So what am supposed to do about my Gear 2 with tizen??? That really bothers me because I called Samsung and they said that my current watch cannot get wear OS. 
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The first two watches powered by #AndroidWear, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, will be available to order later today. Learn more at
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Gotta go with the Moto 360!
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When we’re in the car, we spend a lot of time fidgeting with our phones--getting directions, traffic updates, finding just the right playlist for, say, a summer night, with the windows down. It’s inconvenient, and, frankly, unsafe.  

Android Auto takes care of that for you, quickly and easily. Starting this fall, the first car makers will be offering Android Auto, with many more to come. Just connect your Android phone to the car and you'll have turn-by-turn navigation from Google Maps, playlists and radio stations through Google Play Music, simple-to-use voice search, reminders and more, seamlessly integrated with the screen on your dashboard. Access it all from your car’s controls so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. You’ll start to see Android Auto in cars later this year. Learn more at
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Catch all you need to know about #AndroidWear in less than 2 minutes:
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+Chad Gainor No I dont think so as youd still move your head (and vision) away from the road. Where as with Glass you do not.
Conclusion: Glass is safer.
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LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live powered by #AndroidWear are now available for order on Google Play ( Get your watch today! 
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+sanfel bolongon g watch is 229 and Samsung live is 199
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Why worry over wifi when you travel? Pin your favorite movie or TV show on #GooglePlay on your #Android device before you leave home, and an automatic download will guarantee your in-flight entertainment, even when you're offline.
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Does this service available in Malaysia?
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#AndroidWear keeps you moving with actions on-demand, fitness tracking, and turn-by-turn navigation, all on your wrist.
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Last summer, we launched Chromecast, the easiest way to cast shows, movies and photos from the web to your TV. Today, we're excited to give you a first look at Android TV.

Android TV brings together a world of content and games, recommendations and voice search so you can spend less time browsing and more time enjoying your favorites. Tailored content from your apps shows up in your home screen. If you have a genre in mind, just say 'show me action movies' for options. Console-style games shine on your HDTV with a gamepad and, of course, Google Cast comes built in.

TV wouldn't be the same without great content. Google Play and YouTube serve up blockbuster flicks, timeless classics and viral videos. Netflix, Showtime Anytime, Plex, TED, Watch Travel Channel and PBS Kids offer endless movies, shows and documentaries. And TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Songza and Vevo bring streaming radio and music videos to your living room.

Keep an eye out for devices from Sony, TP Vision, Sharp, Asus, Razer and more starting this fall and into 2015. Visit to learn more and sign up for future announcements.
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Google we love u .
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Today, we gave people a glimpse of what Android Wear can do. Android Wear, our platform for wearables based on Android, makes it easy for developers to reach users on this new form factor using precisely the same tools you're already familiar with on Android phones and tablets.

Android Wear is designed to let you stay engaged with the people around you by quickly showing you relevant information at just the right time, at a glance, without having to dig out your phone. You can also say "Ok Google" to ask questions and get stuff done.
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I think I'll be motivated and impressed when someone has a functional watch with a light based heart rate monitor BUILT INTO THE WATCH that once can use (yes, strapless heart rate monitor) without burning up yet another bluetooth connection to your phone. Why isn't anyone venturing there yet? This is how you sell thousands upon thousands of smart watches and get people using your health app all at the same time. I'm waiting for that. Until then, carry my phone on long runs but WEAR MY GARMIN as my watch. 
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