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Andrew Hellmich
Photographer, Blogger, Podcaster, Husband and Dad... wanna be Tour de France Cyclist
Photographer, Blogger, Podcaster, Husband and Dad... wanna be Tour de France Cyclist

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If Boudoir Photography is your thing, this interview will be a life changer!

Candice Zugich AKA "The Blissful Maven" has overcome hurdles, haters and setbacks to become the most successful boudoir photographer. 

After hearing her story, following what she shares, there’s no reason why you can’t be exactly who you want to be and shoot what and how you want in your photography business.

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New episode just went live and features Andria Lindquist.

I just finished watching a promo video from one of Andria's “Oh Sh*t!” workshops and find myself wishing I was a chick – it looked like more fun than any workshop I’ve ever been too!

Andria says she’s not obsessed with photography, it is a part of who she is. She also says a full callendar of shoots isn’t important… but days she gets to create art and have a really f&%$ing good time doing it are.

If you don't know Andria, you're going to lover her after this. If you already do, WHY didn't you tell me about her earlier!?

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This episode features talented photographer, gifted educator and returning guest Brett Florens who is now operating his photography business between two continents.

Take one look at Brett’s new website and branding and there’s no mistaking this is a guy who walks his talk. There’s absolutely no mistaking who his target market is and you’ll love how he came to use the colours, layout and design he has for this new chapter in his business.

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This week's episode features one of the best Pinup and 1940's Hollywood Glamour photographers - Michael Malak.

The interview is a little different to the usual - I learned during the interview, Michael doesn't make much income (if anything) from his photography. Interestingly, he could if he wanted but chooses not to.

Not the best time to find out (during a business focussed podcast) and got me working to find a different line of questioning I hope you'll enjoy.

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When you hear the words "head shot photographer" one name leaps to mind... Peter Hurley.

In this candid interview, Peter shares why there has never been a better time to be a head-shot photographer and how to price yourself INTO the market.

All you need is a seperate page on your existing website and you're in business!

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New episode is live and features Amanda Schulz of ACS Studios.

Amanda found a way to attract her perfect clients, marketed specifically to them and her business went from nothing to thriving!

She had to learn how to shoot and pose between starting her marketing campaign and her first paid sessions.

An amazing story with Amanda sharing exactly how she did it and the step by step instructions for you to do the same.

Click the link below to hear the interview:

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New episode is live and features Ben Hartley.

Ben built a six figure photography business in less than two years! That business is Style and Story Creative and boasts a team of 7 with wedding photography packages proudly starting at $4400.

How did Ben achieve what he has in such short time and how can you do the same?


Evaluate, Adapt, Test, Tweak and Charge More for Your Photography.

Click the link below to hear the interview:…

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If you're struggling to fill your booking calendar with newborn, maternity or family photography sessions... this one's for you!

Ana Brandt is a whirlwind powerhouse who has built an incredibly successful newborn photography business by following a simple but strategic approach to getting booked.

In this interview, she shares her pricing, product and booking strategies which continue to produce more session bookings than other ways.

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New episode/interview with the super talented and creative Portuguese wedding photographer Joao de Medeiros.

Get ready to be challenged with the way you shoot, how good you really are at your profession and the way you do business.

Being a manual focus and creative shooter, Joao doesn't pull any punches and tells it like he sees it.

Click the link to hear the interview.
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