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Day 1. Getting used to the size, Android and missing iOS Apps.

My adventure into Android and Galaxy Note started December 31st 2011. The Samsung Galaxy Note had arrived in the afternoon. We went out to celebrate the new year and I took the Note with me. I was very shy getting it out in the bar though. Around me where several people using iPhones and nobody was even looking anymore. Apple products are not exclusive anymore. They are an ubiquitous mass product that everybody and his dog is using. Then I wanted to memorize a name and a phone number of somebody. So I took the Note and not even tried to add an address. I took the pen and scribbled the name and numer with S Memo. This was very fast and practical actually. Some people around me where obvious very interested. Later on I took a couple of photos with and without flash and shared a location on foursquare. All went rather smooth.

On new years day my adventure went on. I explored the Android market to see what iPhone Apps that I really want would be there. Here is a list of the Apps that I downloaded. You can find the Apps on the screenshots below. The underlined Apps are those which are important to replicate my current iOS App experience.

Google+, Facebook, foursquare, Quora, Photoshop Express, Kindle

LinkedIn, WeatherPro, Pro HDR, Wiki Lexikon, Rezepte, Pons Dictionary English and Spanish, Kochmeister

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Angry Birds, Skype, TVSpielfilm, Shazam, DB Navigator, Google Translator, barcoo, eBay, Spiegel Online, IMDb, Google Earth, YouTube, DropBox, Evernote

Focus, ZDF Mediathek, Aldi Süd, Samsung Remote, ProSieben, Twitter, How to Tie a Tie, Mein Prospekt, meinestadt.de, Stern, Google Reader, WordPress, Xing

What I am missing are some Photo Apps I love and use a lot on iOS. Especially SnapSeed, Camera+, Instagram, Photogene2, PhotoSynth, Adobe Carousel.
But I am quite confident that many of those Apps will make it to Android sooner or later.

The Android Market is by far not as polished as the App Store – as is Android in general. But you can use it much faster. What I really hate on the App Store is that you jump out of the store into Springboard when you start downloading. In the Android Market you stay where you have been. In iOS you have to start the App store again, select the view and click more and more and more. For me this always has been rather a bug not a feature.

I downloaded some other Apps and games that looked interesting. Especially nice is Go Launcher EX with the ICS theme. You really think you have Ice Cream Sandwich running already and you can avoid the IMHO tasteless Samsung default designs.

Next I will play around with the Apps some more. Android certainly has a learning curve but it is not all bad. The layout is way less polished but the features are often much more powerful. I like it actually and I certainly will feel way more comfortable once Ice Cream Sandwich will be released. The new look and feel of ICS was actually the reason why I decided to switch to Android. The Galaxy Note was the impulse.

More tomorrow. av

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