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Im Berufsleben gibt es zwei Arten: Arbeiter und Beschäftigte 
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Good evening from Muscat, Oman
Sur after Dark - 'Oman in Focus'
credit: Brendan van Son

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Picture of the Day | Oman Blue - 'Oman in Focus'
credit: Brendan van Son
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yesterday evening industrial technologies 2014
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+Financial Times | Adventures
Exclusive first look: hotel in dramatic location opens in Oman
By Sam Knight

In early 1950, the great desert explorer and writer Wilfred Thesiger set out to climb the Jebel Akhdar, an abrupt wall of mountains and isolated plateaux in the interior of Oman. Thesiger, then 39, was officially an employee of the international Desert Locust Research Organization but the motivating force of his life was, in his words, “to catch the ancient world before it vanished for ever”. Thesiger had spent the past five years travelling, mostly in disguise, seeking silence and decency in Oman’s Empty Quarter, crossing deserts with the Bedouin, finding the quicksands of Umm al Samim. “The harder the life,” he wrote, “the finer the person.” >>
 image: ©Chris Caldicott

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Oman Tripper | Exploring Muscat and Beyond

Wadi Al Arbaeen (وادي الـعـربـيـيـن) also spelled Wadi Al Arabiyeen or Wadi Al Arabieen, is one of my favorite outdoors places in Oman. Wadi Al Arbaeen is not very accessible due to the lack of signage, and the stretch of off-road that you need to get through. However, you should definitely visit if you enjoy taking a dip in fresh water pools, which are in abundance here, and want to experience the serenity of walking through a wadi that feels very untouched. You almost get an eerie feeling wading through the wadi, especially further in. You should allow a minimum of 3 hours to explore Wadi Al Arbaeen, and much longer if you plan to really explore! >>

+Sinbad's Oman Pocket Guide 
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New Species Of Crawfish Discovered
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Living in Rheinland-Palatinate (which is a great area, but just a little bit to far away from the sea...)
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