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Where would you love to travel to for a getaway this weekend?
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anywhere =) If I had to pick one, I'd say Washington, DC or Baltimore =)
San Fran is a wonder ride from Los Angeles. Sleeper + parlor car + dining car = profit!

I would love to say to Las Vegas from Los Angeles one day, but I doubt that'll ever happen ;-)
Of course, you used to be able to do that +Neil Lund =) I think they need to bring back the Desert Wind (LA to SLC via Vegas) and the Pioneer (Portland to SLC via Boise)
+Amtrak: I think the Texas Star high speed train's gonna start serving Dallas, OKC and Tulsa the summer after next. Thanks, though!
Amtrak doesn't go to De Pere, Wisconsin either. It goes as far as Milwaukee, then have to take the bus the rest of the way. Sure wish it would go to de pere. Would rather take the train then the bus any day.
Right back to Kingman, Arizona. Where I just got back from !!!!!
Kansas City. But there is no train between Omaha and KC. When is this gonna change, Amtrak????
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