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Cisco Identity Services Engine
Next-generation secure network access Gain awareness of everything hitting your network. Provide access consistently and efficiently. Relieve the stress of complex access management.

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YouTube - SnoonaVision
A fully immersive experience that lets you watch any video on YouTube in 360 degrees. As they have mentioned - It's surely a "revolutionary new way to watch YouTube" videos But you will have to wait long enough to watch your favourite videos in SnoopaVision...

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Internet of Things - Smart Buildings
Make your buildings smart. Combine different building networks such as light, air, physical security, and more onto a single IP network. When you do, you can boost security and make management easy. Building systems in a Cisco Digital Ceiling are simpler to...

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Cisco Security Report 2016 Highlights
T he Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report—which presents research, insights, and perspectives from Cisco Security Research—highlights the challenges that defenders face in detecting and blocking attackers who employ a rich and ever-changing arsenal of tools. T...
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