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Best app ever! Felt Storyframes For The Holidays:
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A peek to one of my latest projects - a socially driven media experience in virtual reality. Trying to break the anti-social aspect of VR using natural user interface, telepresence, social media integration and connecting mobile devices.    
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Using Android? Can't turn off the WiFi? Making you crazy??? Here's what you'll do:
1. Switch to airplane mode
2. Wait a couple of seconds 
3. Turn off airplane mode
4. Done! Now, turn off your wifi

If that doesn't work, restart your phone...
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You wouldn't guess what corrupted my filesystem (and made me format my computer) - a java file! that belongs to android-20 sdk. My computer thought it weighs 1.13 Petabyte! 
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Writing apps for Android Wear? don't forget to enable "Debugging over Bluetooth"

- enable developer mode on your wearable (settings-about-continuously tap the build number) 
- enable adb debugging + debug over bluetooth
- open the "android wear" app on your phone, go to settings and enable debugging over bluetooth
- go to the terminal and write: "adb forward tcp:4444 localabstract:/adb-hub; adb connect localhost:4444"
- done!  
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My Crystal Ball project at the Media Lab. Soon i'll make another one in high-res..  Here's some description about the project:
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OK, Why did Facebook bought Oculus?
Zuckerberg said:
- focus on platforms that will come next to enable more useful, entertaining and personal experiences
- gaming
- more applications: "enjoying a court side seat at a game", "studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world", "consulting with a doctor face-to-face"
- "a new communication platform" (maybe something with WhatsApp!)

Other sources add:
- Owning Oculus's patents
- Source for money generation: targeted ads

Am I missing something? What about Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Apple (yes they already filed a patent for VR goggles!),  Valve, ...

VR is surely not meant to fixate on gaming and simulations. Look at the 90s, they had much higher hopes for it.

I know there are skeptical people out there, this is for you:
VR didn't work in the past because:
- graphics were too bad
- consumer products like "Virtual Boy" were lacking many features (e.g. proper head tracking)
- expectations were way too high - consumer products were not ready to meet these expectations
- it was expensive and awkward
- no hardware-standard, or any standard, for VR

What has changed:
- the mobile phone industry has dramatically reduced the pricing for small scale electronics
- computers are 1000 times faster than what they were in the 90s
- realtime, with almost no visible lag, tracking is now possible
- graphics today are as realistic as real life
- consumer products are priced at low rates around $300
- people are more skeptical, afraid from failures that happened in the past 
- any computer now can connect to a VR headset
- we're starting our ascending up in Gartner's Slope of Enlightenment

here's another interesting piece worth reading:

Back to my questions, 
What do the big companies really work on? 
If I told you I am working on an open platform that combines different sensors, input devices, VR headsets and web technologies to create an open standard that enables everyone to research and explore VR - what would you say? a simple bridge between VR and Web that will reduce the potential negative impact proprietary softwares that will emerge from big companies to secure their investments will have.   

don't believe what I say? here are some references:
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Crystal Ball v2
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Playing with an old Commodore 64 - tic tac toe written in basic in only a few lines of code
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