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We can’t wait to join Harry on the Hogwarts Express!
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+Mace Moneta No, not in kindle format...but in others. Did not mean to imply non-DRM in kindle format. I apologize.
+Brooke Ryter Where. Epub uses Adobe Editions = DRM. Also you are limited to downloading 8X which is far worse than Kindle which allows 6 devices.
+Nate Schmolze is releasing the Harry Potter books in a variety non-DRM formats. These are only available at They have an agreement with Amazon to provide the ebooks through the kindle format, which we all know is DRM. This is huge for the ebook publishing industry as this may turn the tables for the DRM formats, such as the music industry changed several years back. For more info on this check out
you need to get "Simpsons" on the kindle fire (for free prime)
Kindle fire better and cutz the price in half
kindle4's browser is too simple. There is not Chinese Pinyin Input Method.
Hi Amazon
i am a typeface designer (Latin and Indic)
please can you  tell me ." kindle support Indic language?"

karambir singh rohilla
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