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You can now watch Amazon Instant Video, including 17,000 Prime Instant Videos, on your Xbox 360!
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I have Prime, but haven't tried the videos yet because I'm just not a "PC" watcher. This might* be enough to get me to ditch my Netflix.

* please give me an Prime video app for my non-Fire Android devices and it will be a done deal.)
Not available in Canada?? Then I won't even ask about Europe... When are you going to add subtitles for the hearing impaired and parents who like to watch without waking children, and well anyone else who prefers to understand all the dialog in that manner?
What I'd like you to do is to streamline your global operations and give us in Europe here the same Prime usability you have there in the US.
Lovefilm is a joke and only streams translated movies and TV Series here without the option for Original Audio?!
I and many others don't want that...
Meh...I'm not impressed. Why would I honestly waste my time by turning on my Xbox just to watch television?!? If anything, I'll fire up my PS3 (or Xbox) to play a video game or watch a blu-ray dvd. Otherwise, that's what cable / satellite TV is for.
I would really appreciate it if you would enable the Watchlist on devices like the xbox, PS3, blu-ray players, etc. I dislike having to search for the same thing every time I want to watch the next episode of a TV series.
+Dejan Jancevski Why pay for cable when you can watch all your movies and shows via Amazon instant video or Netflix for a small fraction of the price?
Because the cost of paying for the internet is the same as paying for the internet AND cable. :) At least for me it is.
I've already checked out Netflix, they don't have the TV series I'd like to watch.
I'd rather not buy the video since I'll only watch them once.
I'd tried renting from Amazon but was refused because I don't have a USA address.
Too bad, I like the wide variety offered.
When it works... this morning I got error "AT1002"...
+Daniel Butler True, however, that's what Bit Torrent is for. I download what the heck I want via the net, and watch it streaming onto my television from my computer...why bother with paying for Netflix or and having them as the middle men? Eliminate the middle man, and watch what you want, when you want to. Simple.
Flash doesn't exist on XBox, +Joanne McKinnon. It's just some server error that either has something to do with the Xbox live service or who knows. I was trying to put on Sesame Street for my son this morning and already cancelled Netflix.
+Dejan Jancevski pirating music/movies the best way (subscribing to good proxy and scrambler services) and all the work that can be involved to not get caught. It's sort of a wash when I thought about it for a while. That, and I'm already paying for Prime.
+Daniel Butler I don't "illegally" pirate anything. How is downloading a television show via Bit Torrent that I could have DVR'd any different? It isn't like I'm selling the product at all. And, in fact, I delete what I download after viewing. If I liked something enough to keep it (e.g., the movie "The Prestige"), then I'll actually order a hard copy of it (most likely from

+Stephen Olejnicak It really depends on your ISP. So far, such attempts are actually UNNECESSARY! Even in a NY Supreme Court, attempting to prove that an ISP equals some specific person or device is...well...impossible. And if it's impossible, then it essentially means you cannot be prosecuted for it. So no need to scramble. Plus, if you feel you absolutely MUST scramble your transmissions in/out, then use Tribbler.
I think you mean mapping an IP address to a person. And recently the US Supreme Court is more than happy to let that sort of thing stand.
Stand? As in agree with the NY Supreme Court ruling? Absolutely. I agree.
Sorry, I should have clarified. They are refusing to hear cases regarding piracy and allowing the lower courts to uphold rulings based on IP = Person.
Well, that's NOT what is happening at the Supreme Court level within the individual States. Go figure. So, in MI, NY, and a few other States: IP does NOT equal Person. In CA, where they are this close to legalizing marijuana for anyone from age 12 on up: IP = Person. Wow...surprised? I'm not.
+Daniel Butler Actually, there was a case about DVD viewing and usage regarding the Fair Use Act. It basically was about how many "copies" was one individual allowed to make if one owned a legal copy of a DVD. Hollywood basically said that breaking the code to copy the DVD was illegal (that was thrown out), and that one was allowed to make 1 copy of the DVD. Well, people complained saying that the Fair Use Act was very clear in its wording and would allow one to make AS MANY COPIES as s/he saw fit...including digital (for one's iPod, laptop computer, and now tablets). In the end, Hollywood is now grasping at straws.

We'll see how far they get in the legal realm.
I looked into the laws regarding fair use of DVR/VHS TV recording a few years ago (at the prompting of a friend of mine who is an amateur film maker). Turns out there are federal laws stating that you may record anything off of the tube (broadcast only), keep it as long as you like, watch it however often you want and with whomever you want, and even DISTRIBUTE it freely. However it only covers distribution of physical media IN PERSON. Those rights are all still protected. Since digital distribution is not protected, it's an area we'll see develop over time. When it refers to paid cable TV services that's something you have to take up with your cable provider terms of use, though in general they have the same stance.
And I agree with +Dejan Jancevski on one thing. I don't see a difference between downloading an episode of something you missed on TV the other day to watch later. I've done that when my DVR system borked on me before the days of Roku and such devices.
A friend of mine gave me a USB dongle with a copy of Game of Thrones not long ago which he recorded with his custom DVR machine at his home. That is completely legal. One of these months I might get around to watching it.
Just like when we rexorded tv onto old VCR's. I mean I didn't but I can record with a DVR now. Which is Much Nicer!!
When are you opening it up to the English speaking Caribbean?
I mean when we recorded tv onto old VCR's.
Wake me up when I can watch on my tablet.  Sorry
Just dropped Netflix to watch this now.  Thx Amazon!
As a Prime user with Android phone/tablet, I am irritated that every device in the universe other than Android are getting this capability.  
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