Hogen Monogatari or Hogen Incident broke out on 29-th july between two most powerful samurai clans of Heian period: Taira and Minamoto. The central event of Hogen incident was destruction of Shirakawa palace by Taira Kiyomori and Minamoto Yoshitomo. The palace was defended by Minamoto Tameyoshi and his son Minamoto Tametomo who were supporters of emperor Sutoku but Taira and Yoshitomo defeated them soon after they set fire to palace forcing them to flight. At the end they were caught and executed which end the Hogen incident. But the Hogen incident did not end the rivalry between Taira and Minamoto and soon they will enter their second open conflict known as Genpei war.

For Japanese culture, Hōgen incident
Short essay work from Japanese history,
Written by: Amar Tufo, Student
Faculty of Philosophy,
Department of Archaeology,
Sarajevo, III- year

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