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amanda magee
Honest, driven and hopeful.
Honest, driven and hopeful.

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We left home in a break between squalls. The sky was a pendulous presence above and the clouds, at once stormy and ethereal, followed us the whole drive. Sean was ahead of us with “the boys” as Finley put it. Beso, our cocker spaniel, and Pippin, our male…

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Life Isn't the Same After #WonderWoman Why I loved it and why I'll keep speaking up.

Saturday afternoon I used my phone to buy seven tickets for a Sunday matinee of Wonder Woman. It was, quite honestly, a pain in the ass because the Regal app was persnickety and I didn’t have my wallet so I had to borrow a card from Sean. Sometimes this…

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A Quarter Turn to Beat the Rut—tiny changes to catch your breath.

Most mornings I make my way over to the woodstove room. I tuck my legs up beside me in one of the chairs and sip my coffee. It isn’t particularly restful or restorative, more a comfortable routine. The other morning I went into our living room to fold up…

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A World Without Planned Parenthood is a World in Pain I #StandWithPP #VoteNo, #AHCA

The first time I went to Planned Parenthood I was about 17. I didn’t think that I knew everything, but I thought I knew exactly what I was ready to handle. They continued to be my primary resource for health care until I was 30. When I look back on that…

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"22, it says 22 people, mom. And 50 are injured," she read and then turned to me, "Why?" --parenting and tragedy and hope.

Sean is the playlist guy around here, followed quickly by Briar and then Ave. I enjoy the detail that I wouldn’t manage on my own, except it has started to hit me that music makes things more enjoyable. When I start the coffee pot I say to Alexa, “Alexa,…

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I Could Be Folding—Discovering 'Nothing' is a Legitimate Activity #parenting #workingmom #balance

I got home from Mom2.0 a week ago. Sean said, “You need to move quickly. Don’t let your Iris win fall to the wayside. Allow it to catapult you into whatever it is you want to do.”I nodded dutifully. I wasn’t going to rest on my laurels, I was going to…

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Wednesday morning I kissed Briar goodbye, got Avery on the bus, and squeezed Finley and Sean before driving to Albany to fly to Orlando for the Mom2.0 Summit. I was nominated for an award in the category of Best Writing. Last year I was nominated in the…

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Trips Around the Sun- forgiving, letting go, and using last matches on certain bridges.

Time reveals a lot, it shows us how where we thought we were going and where we end up can be blessedly out of synch, it tells us more about ourselves, and it also uncovers who really matters. I’ve made plenty of mistakes with who I have chosen to trust,…

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As Good As We Let Ourselves Be-working on aging, loving, and still trying.

We were sitting in the woodstove room. He was sitting in a small leather chair we bought on a trip north. He saw it and fell immediately in love. “It looks so small,” I said. “I love it. I love the lines, I love the look of the leather, and those antique…

“If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you can not remove it without removing your face.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo
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