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Almar Klein
Scientist, programmer; Python lover
Scientist, programmer; Python lover

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Pleased to announce release v3.6 of the IEP IDE,  as well as release 2015a of the Pyzo scientific Python distribution!


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We are pleased to announce the release of Vispy version 0.3!

Vispy is a visualization toolkit based on OpenGL. This release provides new graphics API (including a scene graph), a basic OpenGL backend for matplotlib, and experimental integration in the IPython notebook. Further we have improved the existing modules and added several application backends (e.g. wx and sdl2).

There's still quite a bit of work to do for the higher level layers, but eventually scientists with no knowledge of OpenGL will be able to easily create fast and scalable interactive visualizations.

We will greatly appreciate any feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. See for downloads and more information.

Why is it that in the Ubuntu launcher, a bunch of useless crap appears before the apps local to my PC are shown? Most of it seem to be references from the internet.

This is especially annoying when my PC is busy and I want the System Monitor. I search for monitor and have to wait almost a minute before I get to see what I am looking for.

Any way to fix this?

Arg 255 file path limit on Windows!

>> a_directory = ...
>> file_in_directory = os.listdir(a_directory)[0]
>> os.path.isfile(os.path.join(a_directory, file_in_directory)
False   # OMG?

Context: a student spent hours on figuring out why her DICOM data would not read properly. DICOM files are often organized with long UID filenames, in long UID directories.

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I just switched from using Gmail for all my mail processing to Thunderbird. Very happy, especially with

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For a Python course that I am giving, I made a cheat sheet on Python 3 + scientific Python. Now for all to enjoy.

Two pages on basic Python, one and a half for scientific stuff: I have some room left! Suggestions for improvements or additional topics is welcome.

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IEP version 3.4 (with IPython support) is now available for download!

IEP is a cross-platform Python IDE focused on interactivity and introspection, which makes it very suitable for scientific computing. Its practical design is aimed at simplicity and efficiency.

This version is marked by many improvements to the shell. Most notably, we now have IPython integration! Further, there are more ways to customize the shell (e.g. define command line and environment args), there is support for coloured text, you can click on filenames in tracebacks to open them, and it just behaves better. Also, many improvements have been made to the debug system.

Release notes:

To install:
- Binaries are available for Windows, OSX and Linux.
- conda install -c pyzo iep  (in a p33 env)
- pip install iep  (IEP depends on Python3 and PySide/PyQt4.)

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IEP version 3.4 is now in beta and can be downloaded from

See full release notes:

def vispy_code_camp():
    for day in range(3):
    return lots_of_progress
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