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Statistics for Google+ Communities

Communities launched yesterday and (even though they didn't announce it officially yet) they are also very well supported in the API already.
This enabled me to expand All my + to allow you to analyse the activities inside of public communities.

For example you can check the People report to see who are the most active posters in your community. Or you can check Charts to see at what times the community is most active. Or maybe you just want to have a look at all the Photos posted in your community.

Just take the ID or URL of a community and paste it into the input field at as you would normally do for a profile.

Here an example of the already very active Google+ Discuss community:
Leigh Blackall's profile photoGerwin Sturm's profile photoAbhishek Mandloi's profile photoAnna Drozdova's profile photo
well , themes for communities , like for events , and more ranks for the members of the communities and ... need to think about more lol
and more discussion topics for the communities cause there is a limit , i need more 
Oh man , i think the G+ statistic is just fine , i love it so there is no need of any improvements , it's really fantastic cause i run blog about celebrities and i keep an eye on g+ statistic from time to time to see the trends :)
Nice work using the API.  Glad to see they added support for communities straight out of the gate. I must admit it was one of the first things I checked when I saw Communities.
oooooh i dont know .what is this ?
this is cool for profiles, but I cannot seem to get it working for one of my Communities that I moderate -

Do i need to be an Owner?

Or does the community need to be public?
+Mark Reale only works for public communities, because private data can't be retrieved from the API.
that sounds completely reasonable

would be cool to know if that data will be available in some way over the short term though -

It doesn't work. I have a public commu oty, I'm trying to past the URL, and all it does is go back to the same page - the

Sign in with G+ account
Sign in with Google apps account
Paste URL (which I've done)
+Matt Clark due to changes in the Google+ API getting data for communities isn't currently working. We'll post an update once this feature is available again.
Any Luck with communities?
Any updates on communities support?
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