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Anti-Gay Campaign Spreads Fear in Uganda

The proposed three-year sentence for failing to report the alleged offence has left many people afraid to be seen socializing with their gay friends.

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jumbo and uhrurha

please don't let obama fool you - obama senior was not his father

the american black communist was maybe nobody knows! what an example for our children!

if you look at obama he he looks most like his white grandfather who knows?!  he is definitely not irish genialolgical research shows he is jewish from his grandfathers side

the years of comraderie with his 'homeland' was a commie cover that i'm not sure even he knew about i am happy he had this short time of normalcy in africa and indonesia but he is surly a manchurain candidate at least if not the antichrist

then his mother was off to indonesia where his real education not completely moslem came about - commie and radical hate of america

africa look to each other and don't kill each other and don't let outside interests cause problems no matter what
recognize who really helps your people .eg....america the catholic church and a number of christian charities even israel and chinese help 

sometimes 'the pat on the back holds you back' and sometimes we need fellowship help and love we must all discern   carefully

holy GOD his mother and all the saints  and angels pray for holy africa!
recognize that you were one of the first christian peoples

after the first 6 hundred years you were forced by conquest and evil slavery by MOSLEMS black and white and yellow to convert to antichrist islam . 14 hundred years of muslim slavery for you and the world!

consider before this that you were a world leader in culture philosophy religion  and all knowledge on your own with christianity and judism
the northern african arab semantic muslims etc enslaved you for the spanish and portuguese not the english world - that was way later!  
muslims are still killing africans enmass warring and killing and forcing conversion and the only slavers left in the world  along with the jewish money  changers and bankers who give and control the moslem's money and finance they are not really enemies at the top they conspire together to enslave starve  and impoverish not only africa but the whole world

please don't let your assailants come into your house and abuse and attack you family and africa once again
 move on christian soldiers with JESUS and HE will help you and guide you and christian nations will join your side as brothers!  
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