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The deadline has passed for a ceasefire in Syria to come into effect as part of a peace plan proposed by Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League peace envoy, but Western leaders have already expressed doubts about whether the Syrian government will honour the deal. Read our full story here:
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Yeah, the best would be tell the opposition to stop fighting, and peacefully watch how children, women, old people and everyone else is being killed.
Both must stop fighting +Haris Osmanagic open your eyes... the opposition has as well munition... it is not the State confronting themselves or fighting Ghost... Both Criminals at same degree... I will not mention more....
They can never be of the same level. One killing children, women, old people and everyone else cannot be at the same level as someone killing a soldier. So, it's you who has to open your eyes, and see who has to be stopped first. Just tell who are victims and who's killing them?
+Haris Osmanagic Open your eyes.. in Syria the multi-confessional country.. majority Sunnite and minority Allawit (will not mention here Christian)... all knows what hating Sunnite might have against Allawit... and what Father Assad did in crimes against them... but before even crimes of Assad Father... Sunnite was considering Allawit less than Dogs... and killed them and through them away in Oronte River....
Today I will not mention raps and killing did against Allawit or some Armenian Christian... I have the proof in hands...!! So instead of giving credit to any of both parties the Officials or the Opposition... am trying to tell you this..only trying to spread peace between them...and forgiveness and not to repeat same crimes from both parties did to each other in History... am not with Assad or the Opposition.. I do not hate at all Sunnite people.. am sure many are dying without doing any bad thing... war machine kills without mercy... Instead of following all Lies of United States... Wake up... those American and 'Arabs with easy money' who follow United States which already ruined the world in economy in morality in crimes... everywhere and in every corner of the Globe United States SUCK!!
None of what you has evidence in fact, nothing but misinformation.
its time to stop this Massacres...its shame on all the world..and 1st of them islamic world nd mid east
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