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"No one has ever told me why its necessary or appropriate to keep classified the man's thoughts in his head - the government needs to hide the information that these men have - it is not a fair process, and is nothing like American justice has ever been or ever will be,"

David Nevin, the lawyer representing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the US, hits out at the country's government.

Watch the interview here:
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there is a reason the case was moved... we are not stupid... expect us...
Pat deserves his Surfdom status, now be a good little Pion and make my Latte before I toss you into a SuperMax
I just wish they'd stop standing up against "Idiotic Ideals" like "Everyone Deserves a Fair Trial" or "Torture shouldn't be something our society is comfortable with"
Sigh, the idea behind a fair trial isnt to find out if someone deserves to be punished, its to test if the state deserves your support, Derp
+pat rick Over a million non combative civilians killed in Iraq in the past 10 years... how many "terrorist" have attacked you in the past 10 years? Its americans like you who are pro-war, pro-war on terror, pro torture pro drug war... I bet it even makes you sick to think of same sex marrage... who make real americans like me looks bad... Our countries "borders" are not that old, and the mexicans you dont want here are actually native to this land... crazy right... get your knowledge up before defend our natzi like foreign policy...
my bad I did'nt mean to call you American ;p
When people argue on the internet, the terrorists win.
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