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Everyone except for the politicians. 
I think israelis don't need peace , i think it want
Every mother or father holding the body of their dead child wishes it would stop, be they Palestinian or Israeli. Too bad the politicians on both sides have their own agenda. There is enough blame to go around. 
Those who want the ceasefire to fail in order to cause more distrust, propaganda and hate against "the other side".
They don't just need a ceasefire, they need peace. A ceasefire is too easy an excuse to stop trying, and the problems never get fixed and just come back time and again.
President Obama. Israel wants Hamas obliterated and won't be happy until they are; Hamas views loss of life as part of the game (there will be martyrs (good) and infidels (bad) who are killed). The US wants to be seen as the peace-broker.
In terms of casualties - the palestinians. However, Israel will later be able to claim being magnanimous towards the so-called Hamas terrorists ; at the same time, it can show off the power of its Iron Dome .
Israel and Hamas wont least from what history has the power struggle Israel would most likley prevail, but the external cost in the region would be immense....its hard to not imagine the factions against the Jewish state wouldnt fuel weapons and supplies to Palestine and the use of the Palestinians by these factions are what the real cost are going to be....a sease fire may happen...but it wont last never does...and no side gains from that....
Definitely not the people of Gaza.
Israel since they took all Palestine Land 
I would like to ask the question: "Who would benefit the most from an Israel - Hamas conflict?"
In my opinion there are 2 companies which are interested in this:
- Israel Military Industries
- Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant
Any dimwit only needs to observe the oil price to see that the oil exporters are the only people benefiting from this conflict.
they've been killing each other longer than I've been alive, there's no reason to expect anything different
the civilians in the two countries
@ sajaad toure .. yes right, and sadly palestine isnt a country or state either.
                      After peace truce in Gaza accountability of  Israeli war crimes against civilian population in Gaza has become big challenge for UNO, Human right organizations and world community also. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must brought to international criminal court for his war crimes and genocide policy in Gaza. After Egyptian back peace truce between Hammas and Israel rain of bombs and missiles halted in Gaza residential buildings, sports stadium, play grounds, Banks, shops and markets regularly targeted during Israel eight days invasion on Gaza. Media showed horrible picture of dying and wounded innocent women and children under rubble of cursed buildings due to heavy Israeli bombardment. Israel targeted media center building several time in broad day light to silence media, two journalist lost their lives and  several other injured during Israeli attack. Horrible stories of Israel war crimes are coming Gaza but unfortunately world community, UNO and Human rights organizations are sitting silent and doing nothing to provide justice to affected families. According to media news 160 people most of them were women and children lost their lives during Israelis invasion due to heavy bombardment on civilian areas. Israeli forces dropped leaflets from air and warned Gaza people to leave their homes but people found no place to save their lives. In worst incident of Israelis brutalities twelve members of same family killed in missile attack in heart of Gaza most of them were women and children Israel deliberately targeted civilian population to terrorized Gaza people. Recent peace truce is big victory of Hammas. Egypt, Turkey, Tunis, Qatar and foreign ministers of all Arab countries visited Hammas ruled Gaza and show their solidarity to Gaza people now after eight days of barbaric acts Israel has further isolated in Gaza. Despite Israel heavy use of power Hammas launched more than one thousand rockets towards different Israelis cities and showing their increasing their military power targeted Tel Aviv and Yaroshalam several times with long range missiles during eight days of war.
At sajaad toure I have to agree with the last post isreal seems to just be the "snobby kid" on the playground that's starting fights then running to the teacher (U.S)
I guess there is no benefit to either sides,,its all inhumane. people are running away from their self thats why lots of destruction going all around,,there has to be someone who should revolutionize that region and create a peaceful existence,,and people shouldn't forget the root that its humanity and not religion.
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