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Al Ingham

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Hi all
Need a bit of help with a script in Google Sheets.

I'm keeping Stats for my Indoor Cricket Team.

I have a list of Sheet Names listed in a range of Cells (AC2:AC9). I have given this the NamedRange of "SeasonsV3".

The following Code is designed to ADD up a range of Cells from the different sheets listed in that range, except as you can see, I've had to cross reference some cells in the current sheet to match the cell references in the other sheets...


In this example, $AC$2 is the worksheet name, E3 is a Cell that lists the column to go to, and the 25 is the row of that column, thus selecting the correct cell to add to the total...

It also is all hard-coded in ( i.e. "$AC$2,... $AC$3....." etc.) As I am regularly adding worksheets that will need to be added, it would be easier for me just to update the Named Range, rather than having to add "$AC$10" at a later stage...

If you have any ideas, or can see a simpler way to do this, please, please, please let me know.

I have attached a copy of the original spreadsheet so you can see it for yourself.

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A bit of fun with my friends from the Windows Scam

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