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Alien Arena
A fast, fun, and free FPS!
A fast, fun, and free FPS!

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Congratulations to +Warsow on hitting 2.0!

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Excellent article about the future of open-source game engines, as big commercial engine vendors begin to compete on price.

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Today, a fellow using the pseudonym "DiViNiTY" donated 15 awesome tracks of music to Alien Arena! He/she has donated other music before as well. Big thanks to DiViNiTY and anyone else who donates content to the game!

More details and download link:

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Alien Arena, Kingston, MadCatz, and the 666-gamers clan teamed up to put on a hell of a show at the FACTS LAN party this year!

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Alien Arena getting massive artwork and technology update

It may have been almost a year since our last major release, but that time has been very well spent. Our next release will be a huge step forward in our constant quest for technical and artistic excellence. If Alien Arena 7.66 was the final, ultimate evolution of the art style that we began in 2008, then our upcoming release is the beginning of something radically new for us.

Every player character model has been revised or rebuilt, resulting in what we are calling our "generation 3" meshes. Three of the weapons have been re-envisioned as well.

We are also working on a new set of mapping tools, file formats and engine technologies that will allow us to support outdoor maps and organic terrain in a first-class, highly performant way. This frees us of the limitations of the BSP technology still used by most open-source ID Tech derivatives.

Despite the addition of these major new renderer features, the core game engine is now the smallest it's been since the 7.32 release in 2009, thanks to some serious technical housekeeping.

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Thanks to our sponsors, Intel, Kingston, MadKatz, and EIZO, Alien Arena will have a booth at the Belgian LAN party, Frag-O-Matic! Stop by for a chance to play the world-renowned 666-gamers clan!

New in SVN: the ragdoll-related crashes (bNormalizationResult failed in _dNormalize4) on Linux should be fixed now. Also, the ragdoll code is 255 lines smaller, which always makes me happy.

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New in SVN: extremely distant players take on a color or tint for better visibility. In team-based game modes, this matches the color of their team.

To get the old style lights back, set cl_dm_lights 1.
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More details on the Alien Arena tourney at The Party, a gaming convention in the Netherlands:
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