#stats  hound, what can we learn from this (about the U.S.)...?

1) Government size has actually gone down under Obama...
2) Manufacturing is dead in the water since 1999...
3) "Professional and Business Services" (= scrapping freelancers?) is growing and sort-of keeping things afloat?

4) Retail has been going sideways largely due to the Web/Amazon. And because there appears to have been a natural ceiling on how much garbage can meaningfully consume (they are already TRYING their best to store the older junk in paid storage, asf. !)

5) Leisure and Hospitality is up slightly due to the Baby Boomer retirement avalanche. Presumably a ton of jobs created since 2009 have been in this low-skill/low-pay area. There is always demand for more "Schlepp" work.

6) Education and Health Services (which really should be broken out into two!) are run-away insane inflation trains... a clear bubble in the case of #edu , a clear fleecing in the case of healthcare (U.S. cost is 2x that of other OECD countries, with similar-to-worse outcomes...).

7) Construction was a temporary bubble created with cheap Fed rates and housing credit to ameliorate the "China currency manipulation syndrome" and general loss of Manufacturing due to NAFTA and Globalization.

8) The rate of "Financial Activities" employment stays relatively steady, because they are so good at fleecing you so efficiently... :)

9) The rate of software technology/"Information" employment stays very steady, 1) you just can't find that many more people to do the job right, and a ton of it is farmed out to India/Far East with persistent cries by industry about a "talent" dearth/crisis/war...

/cc +David Wood +Alexander Becker +Paul Simbeck-Hampson +Rob Salzman +Cindy Brown +M Sinclair Stevens 
Who's Hiring (and Who Isn't) in Five Charts: http://bit.ly/1d68L0h
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