Hmmm..... Should I? Not so sure anymore, especially after reading +Thomas Hawk s article:

I have recently made some sales through getty images and people still comment and fav my images there. I just think that flickr is in it's last breaths. Maybe I will for one more year.

I wonder what you guys think. What is happening with flickr. Is there any hope and are there any things that are on flickr, that you would like to see here on G+?
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The ONLY thing I would want to see here that is on Flickr is the ability to have a organized Group page and with postings and additions.
I gave up my account about a year ago and never looked back. Much nicer not having my images end up on other sites without my permission. Even after removing my catalog I still get regular payouts from Getty. If you're making a lot of money from Getty then it may be worth it, if not I find a +1 is a better comment on my image than 99% of whats offered on flickr. Maybe Getty should come here instead, much better images to pick from :)
+Randy Ortiz I agree. But event the Groups on Flickr are a bit messy for my liking. I'd love the ability to sell my images through G+ as well. I think G+ could create a massive platform for stock photography here and if they do it right make it a win / win for clients, artists and Google.
Yeah +Alexander Kesselaar the ability to actually market your photography would be fantastic. I used to pay for PRO and as of maybe 3 years ago, I never went back to Flickr.
+Alexander Kesselaar maybe something with the feature set of 500px (which is awesome in its own right) but with the extended social network that G+ has become, would be something worth paying a premium for.
I've been thinking of giving up Flickr when my PRO account is up.
I dropped Flickr almost 2 years ago and moved to Smugmug. The primary reason that I switched other than the lack of development of Flickr was the way they tried to extort me into renewing my membership in order to save all the images I uploaded. Yes, Smugmug costs me a little more but the unlimited space and the HD video makes up for it. There are tons of codes that give you discounts... Trey Ratcliff has one that can be used as well.
I let my Pro account lapse a couple of weeks ago. Was hardly going there any more anyway. Used to feel I had nice activity tehre-but way more here. Key point is some of the Flickr I crowd I engaged with are here so...Plus1
If you're still selling through Getty, shouldn't this be an easy decision?

Also, Flickr images are indexed in search engines. I license images outside Getty every month as well. Have to yet to license anything through G+. For whatever reason, G+ images are still outside the search. So I say renew Flickr. I did so few weeks ago and didn't think about that for a second for these same reasons.
I didn't re-up 2 years ago. No regrets. The only thing I miss is entering photos in contests at +Ree Drummond's photography blog. Speaking of Ree, why isn't she over here yet?!
Hmmm, it's a tough call +Alexander Kesselaar - much as I enjoy the interaction here on G+ I still have a good following on Flickr. Reckon I'll just roll with it for the time being - besides, it's not that expensive... exposure, exposure, exposure! ;-)
As someone who regularly buys images for use in publications, I'd love to see a G+ image marketplace. There are so many amazing photographers here, I'm sure they'd get some of my stock budget!
Flickr? Isn't that the photo sharing site from 2005. Really? Are you debating renewing a account also? See, it's funny because WebShots is from 2004.
I just re-upped a couple months ago, but I do think it will be the last year I do so...
I let my Flickr Pro account expire last year.
I will renew my flickr pro account and here is why.

1. I made over $500/month on Getty last month. If I can make $6,000 per year from a handful of images, why not take the money? Getty's payout is a paltry 20%, but hey, 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

2. I love flickr's organizational tools for sets/albums. I can use +Jeremy Brooks' SuprSetr program to read the keywords on my photos and put them in the sets that they need to go in automatically. This is super easy and just requires me to push a single button. Because of this I've been able to make over 1,600 sets on flickr that I love.

3. Flickr still does index for search fairly well and alot of people go to flickr directly to search for photos. When they find photos of mine that they want to license they contact me and I get to keep 100% of the money. Why turn this source of images on the web off.

4. Flickr is a great place to promote Google+ and places where I'm more active on the web. I've got thousands of followers on the site and it would be silly to just disregard that as a distribution platform. Personally I'm pleased that I've been able to use my flickr account to help get so many of my best flickr friends over here on G+.

5. Flickr may finally wake up someday and improve and offer us new and interesting things. +Markus Spiering has promised us a renewed focus by Flickr this year (Markus runs flickr) and if Flickr were to actually innovate finally they might be able to ship some pretty cool stuff.

6. Flickr allows me to store my full sized original images as long as they are under 25MB (they should raise this to 35MB, but that's another story). If someone wants to license an image I can just send them a link to the original image and tell them to right click and download it to their computer. This is easier than me having to screw around with images. To store my full sized high res on Google it would cost me over $500/year. That makes no sense to me when flickr will store my images for $23.50/year.

But.... all of my social activity has basically moved here because Google+ offers such a better social experience. Flickr is mostly just a dumping place for images for me these days. I don't interact there anymore. Well, except maybe to fave images by +Lotus Carroll. But really 98% of my social time now is spent here.

I doubt I'll ever give up my flickr account myself personally, but I'm an edge case. Without Getty or heavy set/organizational use or image licensing sales, I think the majority of the more casual users are sort of saying, why pay Flickr money when we get something better at G+ for free? Which I think is a very good question indeed and one that should keep Flickr up at night and keep Google Photos trying to out innovate flickr to pull more and more of these people from there over here.
I was going to give up my Flickr Pro account, but I still get plenty of views and comments there, which is a lot better than I get for the same stuff here. And Getty has contacted me again about licensing more images. Google+ has been a total minus for me so far. I think Google+ has a long way to go before it compares, despite the hopes, efforts and hype of its elite.
Let mine lapse a year ago and I don't miss it a bit. I moved my portfolio to 500px but I'm not in love with it either for the price.
+Thomas Hawk convincing points. I used to love flickr, thought it was the best thing, but yahoos constant neglect of one of the most valuable assets in social media is almost unbelievable. 
Thanks for reminding me, I just deleted all my content and account from Flickr.
I know I won't be renewing mine. I use it for different reasons but one thing stuck out to me. I asked a friend to add some pictures she took of me to her Google+ account. A few minutes later she messaged me that they were up. I then asked her to add some pictures to a Flickr account for a local camera club she belongs to. She called me frustrated out of her mind not able to figure Flickr out.

Things have changed and Flickr hasn't kept up.
I have always liked flickr and continue to like it. Thomas and others have pointed out some great things about it. I find flickr very sociable and the price is right. 500px is nice, but find it unsociable, hard to keep up with any discussions. Google+ is great too, but so much gets buried unless you live on it. Smugmug is great for selling pictures, but don't find it sociable. Flickr will get my renewal in a couple of months.
I doubt I'll ever give up my flickr allows me to store full sized files for 25.00/year Google was bugging me every couple of months for money on picassa..I have downgraded Google easier solution.

I think it's just a matter of time until Google+ start asking for money for this site as well..

All that being said I am a relative newcomer to Google+ and don't really know if I'll stay time will tell. I don't find it as easy to navigate as flickr but then that's just me.
I'm more or less inactive on Flickr now. I had a Smugmug acct but barely had any views and only had three sales during that time. I switched over to 500px and have had many more views that Flickr and Smugmug combined. With that being said, 500px no longer offers the ability to sell your photos and when I ask I just keep getting the "it's coming soon" answer for several months. Now that +Andrey Tochilin has left, I have to wonder about the future of 500px. I'm in limbo now. Not sure where my photos are going to make their "home".
Oh.. The one thing I do like about Flickr is the ability to browse photos. I can go there any time and do a search for "Night Thunderstorm" and view all types of photos of night thunderstorms.
I signed up for Flickr 2 years ago & just started using it 2 weeks ago. I got a G+ account the first week it started. In the 2 weeks I've been on Flickr, I've gotten more interaction with my images than I have since using G+. So I will not be giving up my account.

Flickr photo management system is far superior to G+s at the moment, it's easier to find images in Explore by simply typing keywords, for $25/year I can drop my whole collection onto their site.

Currently I'm just uploading images I did from 2 years ago into G+ & Flickr just to see how they do before I start uploading current work. So far Flickr is winning for me.

G+ hasn't been the greatest experience for me compared to FB & Flickr, but I'll stick with it b/c in the long run that's more exposure for me.
I don't think Flickr is dieing but it does need a face lift to compete. I have to agree I get more interactions on Flickr than here on G+ for right now. I know I will reup my Pro account when it's time for me. Just my 2 cents
I am in the very same dilemma .. :( I'm thinking I'm not going to renew and mine expires in 3 more days.
I had a free account a while back and I manage to only put my better pictures, getty's a better option.
I'm definitely renewing for the exact reason +Thomas Hawk mentioned in item 1: "Getty's payout is a paltry 20%, but hey, 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing." I make much more from Getty Images than my Flickr account costs, so for me it's a pretty easy decision.
what +Thomas Hawk said, plus $24 bucks for an extra backup... not bad. Plus, there's nothing wrong with having another venue to showcase your work. More people that see your work the better, right?
hey +Thomas Hawk, how do you go about selling images on flickr?
For me, it's a no-brainer. Despite Flickr being allegedly non-commercial, I make the vast majority of my license referrals via the site. Some folks license images via Getty but most find an image on Flickr then call me to license it directly. The $24 annual fee is most definitely worth it to keep these referrals coming in.
It may lack the social element of G+, but the ability to store everything for easy access/linkage alone is worth the price in my mind. I still get more steady traffic there to my images than any other site, so far anyway.
Lots of good points made for and against, I just don't get why it has to be one or the other where G+ & Flickr are concerned.
I don't see it so much as one vs the other, it's just that with so many social networks/sites that photographers "MUST" be on these days to be current with the times, eventually some will have to start falling to the wayside. A Flickr account and an FB page aren't enough anymore. Now there's G+, Twitter, Pixoto, SmugMug, and you ain't nobody if you ain't on 500px, ect...
Dave F
25$ per year for unlimited storage? that's a no-brainer
I will keep using flickr for the unlimited storage space, the ease that it blogs to other sites and for my Getty work. Really, it's worth it for the storage alone for keeping high resolution photos online with easy access.
+Denise Ho might be able to persuade Google to add shopping cart facilities into G+. Lets hope they keep improving. I think the ability to dump ones entire photo library in Flickr is a the reason it is becoming so diluted with crap photos and this makes it hard for truely good photos to be discovered.
mine expired yesterday ... still considering whether to upgrade again or not as well
It's Yahoo that's going down hill and we're afraid Flickr will go with it. I'll stay with my pro-account it hope that Flickr goes into better hands (Google/Alone/Whatever) when Yahoo is really dying for money.
Mine expires in a month or so. I'm not a photographer but uploaded 2000+ holiday snapshots for friends and family. I won't pay anything to Flickr/Yahoo anymore. I paid for 80GB for Picasa (shared with other Google services) which is sufficient for me. I may even go that far and delete all my photos on Flickr since hardly anyone was viewing them according to the stats.

I mean, $47/€35 for 2 years of unlimited photos isn't that much. But since I've mentally moved away from Flickr and haven't uploaded anything in over a year I don't think it's worth keeping a hardly viewed page with outdated photos alive just because it's cheap.
I wouldn't probably bother even setting up account if it was only for the social side of things. G+ fulfils all my social needs and more, but my goal for 2012 is to actually start making money from my photos and for that I will need as much exposure as I can possibly get. Flicker's deal with Getty is one of my targets and given that this is not my primary source of income, the 20% of of something being a lot more than 100% of nothing rings very true and satisfying to me. Just like +Thomas Hawk said...
In other words I'll be upgrading my account this weekend I guess...
A flickr to picasa migration tool would be pretty cool. I migrated a number of my photos from Flickr to +SmugMug and couldn't believe how FAST it was.
+Thomas Hawk actually, when I was working there, flickr was profitable, which makes the whole disengagement of Y! leaderboard even more stupid.
Chloe C
*sigh. I love Flickr. It has become my 'home base.'
I am not a photographer like many of you, but I have gotten much better through a couple of years of involvement with Flickr groups.
I am over here because I see the need to be over here in the future, but I am not leaving Flickr, and am renewing.
I wish someone would take better care of Flickr.
+Jérôme Decq I suspect that flickr is profitable still. They make a lot from Pro accounts and although I suspect those are down from year ago levels, they are probably still significant. They also make money from ads on free accounts and likely a fair amount of licensing revenue from Getty. They are probably not profitable enough to matter to Yahoo from purely a numbers perspective, but they probably are still profitable. Yahoo has laid off staff from the unit over the past few years which probably has a mildly positive impact in short-term profitability as well. SF Magazine had them profitable in a public article for the first time that I ever noticed in early 2009.

But I don't think profitability even ought to matter to Yahoo leadership. Google spent hundreds of millions of dollars on G+ before it was ever even a product. Yahoo needs to figure out social and flickr is their most social product that they have and they should be thinking about how to grow flickr, innovate flickr, and try to export the flickr social experience to other products at the company. I still believe that Yahoo's best hope for social is the design of Flickr groups. The problem is though that Yahoo has no idea of the possibilities because I think top management doesn't even understand the product. This is probably also the fault of flickr to a degree who have likely pushed for a more contained "keep our world as it is here in our little non-Yahoo SF office" than to really try to sell the vision of flickr social more broadly across other Yahoo properties. But maybe the suits are just deaf and couldn't understand it if it hit them in the face. Bartz and now Thompson can't even be bothered to set up a flickr account, let alone spend time understanding why Flickr groups are powerful and how that power could be unlocked.
I believe Flickr is viable +Alexander Kesselaar. There's plenty of room in the cyber world for both G+ and Flickr. Renewed my Flickr pro account again last month and here why: 1) Reasonable price. 2) Still a great place for search engines and marketing/advertising agencies to find your work. 3) Still a great following photography enthusiast who enjoy sharing and being inspired by each other.
I will probably renew my Flickr PRO account once again but my primary repository is on Smugmug right now with Flickr only receiving photos if a conference I'm attended has requested people to tag their photos there. Thanks to Smugmug allowing me to use my own domain for sharing my photos with the world I could in theory move off them with only some limited work necessary to keep all the URLs intact.

One reason why I don't move to 500px for all my photos is that Flickr and Smugmug have some nice ways to share photos in private without requiring an account there (Flickr's Guestpass and Smugmugs private URLs). The other is that Flickr still has the best community-features thanks to groups, although I haven't used them recently anymore thanks to Google+ ;-)

Do I see a future for Flickr? Not sure, yet. Personally, I think that Flickr heads a complete facelift if not even more. It is rare that a site stays still for so long. The only other example for a Web 2.0 site being that dormant for that long was Delicious and we know where that ended (although I really like the new Post-Yahoo Delicious ;-)).

Initiatives like OpenPhoto look really interesting and might probably replace my Smugmug account in the long run.
+Thomas Hawk Regarding moving from Flickr to Smugmug: That was also my experience. The convertor wasn't perfect thanks to to slight differences how Flickr organizes albums compared to +SmugMug but I was stunned how fast it was :-)
Thank you for sharing all your opinions here. It made a fascinating read. After all this I do think I will keep my Pro Account on flickr and here are my reasons (a lot of them mentioned by +Thomas Hawk already):

1. Flickr Groups
I am a member of some really great local groups, like the Sutherland Shire Photography Group, which is run by +Michael N Sutton . I would yet love to see something like that on G+ that is more photo centric. Some of the Groups I share my photos too on flickr are linked to some great mobile photography blogs like +Life In LoFi by +Marty Yawnick and iPhoneogrenic. I wouldn't ant to miss having my images featured on those.

2. Getty Images
Although I am disappointed that flickr went down that path in the first place. (I really think they missed a massive opportunity in changing the stock photography scene forever by not going it by themselves. )
I am making a little bit of money from the images every month, that actually makes my pro membership worthwhile.

3. Sharing Images on other platforms & image search
I am a big fan of the CC license (even though a lot of people still don't get it). And the ability to have your images shared all over the internet is great. For me this has led to so many great opportunities artistically and for my work as well.

4. Storage & organisation
Still the cheapest way to get unlimited storage for your images and I love the ability to organised my photos quickly in to sets and collections.

5. Future
If there is one thing that I have gotten out of your responses it is that there are a lot of people like me that really want flickr to work and improve. We have not given up hope completely that they might wake up one day and realise flickrs incredible potential, by listening to us and impelling these long over due changes to the UI and functionality. I mean how hard is it to create a decent incoming photo stream for your contacts and the ability to like & comment photos within the stream.

I think there is no such thing as the perfect image sharing platform yet. They all have advantages and disadvantages. But if Google+ has shown one thing it is the willingness to listen to the end user. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the demise of flickr over the past years. I really hope that someone at yahoo reads this and starts to listen to us.
+Alexander Kesselaar , how does Getty Images work together with CC licensed photos? Some time ago, some of my photos was invited to Getty Images. I ignored the invitation since the photos was/are CCBy licensed, and I'm not sure they can be that at the same time as they are available through Getty? In theory I don't think it has to be a conflict (You can use them for free if you credit me by name, or you can pay and don't have to credit me), but I think I read long time ago that I will have to remove the CCBy license to sell through Getty?

But regarding renewing my pro-account, I will. I'm frustrated by the development and direction of Flickr in many ways, but it is still a flexible gallery were I do get a lot of attention. Especially my CCBy licensed photos are being adopted by lots of people and used "everywhere". And though I like a lot of things on for example Google+, they don't have the flexibility of Sets on Flickr. If something should replace Flickr as my general place to store all my photos, it should be possible to store one photo in several galleries/sets without making independent copies of it...
+Stig Nygaard CC licensed photos can be licensed with Getty, but when you do that they change the license on the photo to All Right's Reserved. They will then only sell the photo in their royalty free program which pays 20%. They pay a little more for right's managed stuff but will not accept any CC images into their rights managed program. All of my stuff is CC so I've always only been in the royalty free program.

The only thing to look out for would be if people want to use your CC photos after Getty changes them to all rights reserved. I believe that Getty does scour the web looking for use of images and shares in recoveries with you, but if you give someone permission to use one of your Getty images commercially (or even non-commercially) without thinking about it, theoretically Getty could go after them for recoveries (although I've never heard of this actually happening).

Of course CC is an irrevocable license, so someone could always say that they were acting under the previous license. It is sort of dumb in a way that Getty changes them back to All Right's Reserved, because anyone can always just say they were acting under the previously issued license, but this is all just conjecture.
+Stig Nygaard Thank you +Thomas Hawk for clarifying this. It's exactly as I understood. Royalty freedoms not clash with the cc license. While rights managed does. I have disabled Rights managed option in Getty. That being said I have licensed a few rights managed images myself and then removed them from flickr for the period of the license and have made the buyer aware that I do not have any control over any cc usage prior to the license term.

I have started using Photoshelter, quite pricey, but it is a really professional way of sharing images with clients.
+Andrey Tochilin I hope so. I was very disappointed when they had a falling out with Fotomoto. Also since I have signed up, I haven't really seen much improvement in the site. I hope you are right.
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