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It's dangerous to go alone. Survive #Fridaythe13th with screen-off gestures!
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Now that's something you don't see everyday... Good guy op

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Hello, this is my review of the OnePlus icons after I tested them almost a week.

This is all opinion based

My first impresions when I opened the box and before I listened to the music:
The first thing I noticed was that amazing looking box, I love the red signature color of OnePlus (I'm happy there phones aren't red tbh ) but the earphones that where graphed on the box was an amazing detail for a box! When I opened the box I saw an amazing detail AGAIN, the flap thing with Never Settle written on it, I opened that and at that moment the first thing I noticed was the smell of theeather case that came with with, after that I saw the icons itself, I liked the color more than the one I saw on the sitez that one looked like a gold ring would look, in real life it looked a bit more flat.
It was a bit hard to get them out of the box but I tested them directly after that I putted them back because I forgot to take a picture :')

I also have some pros and cons:
• It has a good bass and it can handle a higher bass with an equilizer
• The sound is super clear
• They can get pretty loud
• They look AMAZING
• They fit perfect in my ears (With the smallest ear things)
• The packaging is amazing

•The high tones can get a bit to clear and can get annoying
• The icons almost don't fit in that leather case
• The control buttons on the cable refuse to work some times
• I'm scared of breaking the cable behind the point where they split because the cables are super skinny there

I also compared them with some other ear and headphones I own (and aren't broken) here are the results

Apple earpods:
I used those before I got the icons and I hear a big difference between the icons and the earpods, the icons are a lot clearer, also the earpods hurt my ears after like 3 songs.
The icons clearly win here

HTC earphones (came with my old HTC One M8):
One side of my HTC earphones so I used only one side of both when I compared those two.
The music is good in both of them but sometimes I didn't understand what people sung with the HTC earphones, also if I boosted the bass the HTC earphones can't handle the bass.
This one was a little bit harder but still the Icons where better, also the icons have control buttons and those that came with the htc only have a pause/play button.

Beats Solo HD (2014 edition):
This was a really tough one.
I think the quallity was a liiittle bit better on the Beats, the bass in the beats is amazing and those sound really come to life with the beats. BUT! the beats are 200.- and the icons 50.- so what did I expact... Also I cant lay on one ear with the beats and I can with the icons, and it's a little bit awkward to walk with a clumbsy headphone on my head...
I think I'll ca this a tie!

Now I come at the point where I advice you to buy or not to buy it.. And if it's woth the monny..
It IS woth the monny if you listen a lot to music and if you care about quallity, and maybe if you care about the look of your earphones.

Presentation: 9.5/10
Design: 9.2/10
Music quallity: 8.5/10
Bass: 9/10
Cable: 6.5/10
Color: 9/10

Overall rating: (realize I think some things are more important than others)

Price rating:

What they could have done better:
• They should make the case bigger
• They should make the cable flat or like the cable under the split point
• They should change the control buttons to more qualitty ones
• They should make the high tones a bit less atrective

This was my review, if you have any other questions about the icons you can ask me :)

Thanks for reading
-Tycho Regter

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2 op2 invites! But for those who really want to buy!

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Ok.... Not funny

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Op2,stock camera, auto mode(some with hdr)
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This one it's perfect
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Op2 in the night (stock camera)
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