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Accurate depiction of the state of IoT these days
The "Smart Pen". Someday all devices will be this smart!

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It's been a while since I looked forward to a +CrashCourse course. 

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I always liked geometry when I was little, but this game makes it more awesome.
Who needs sleep anyway...

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A couple of things:
1) it's good that these days there's a lot of focus on our 'little' country with mostly a positive spit due to the anti-corruption movement
2) I still wish that one day I would see a list of "X things about Romania" that don't contain a lot of negative things about it. Seriously, all countries have good and bad things, but in general when you see lists like these for things like Germany, France etc, they only list the good ones. Why do we always get stuck with Dracula and Ceaușescu?
3) WTF is the day of the bear?! 

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FOSDEM got waaaay bigger compared to last time I was here. I dare people to say open source is still not big enough

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Hello again, FOSDEM! 


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I am going to a conference, I swear. 


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I am not a particular fan of metalcore, but I have been listening to this one a lot in the past year.
RockFM certainly did its job planting it in my head, but multi sided symbolism of it is probably what makes it relevant. 
[if you don't like hard core rock, don't play the video, but you can still continue reading].
Let me explain why this song is trending around Romania right now (the lyrics are in English, by the way). It's made by a band that was relatively obscure until recently (I'm a rock fan and I can't say I was aware of them). Unfortunately they became known in a very sad way: they died.
They died along with many other people in a fire last year in Bucharest, Romania ( An extremely unfortunate event which sparked one of the biggest reactions of the Romanian people since the 1989 Revolution.
The fire was not a terrorist act but an incompetence act, of people that bypassed the safety laws. And they were able to due that due to the high level of corruption in public administration. Corruption that is generally known and tolerated.
However this time it was tolerated no more, and people took to the streets to say that they are fed up with the way corruption is hurting the country.
At the moment, the Socialist Party was in power, the party most known for corrupted politicians (not saying that the opposition parties are full of saints). This party is known for being the continuation of the Romanian Communist Party and generally apply the same techniques of staying in power as the communist regime did.
The protests in 2015 brought down the Socialist government and brought in one of the best viewed government the country had in the last 25 years. For the first time it was not just about talking about how bad corruption was, but concrete actions were taken to put the corrupt in their place... in the courtrooms and in jail.
But after the elections last year brought the Socialists back. It was not a problem that they were socialists (political socialism can be a good thing for a country), the problem was that they were the ones raised with the idea that being corrupt will take you far in life (of course, not ALL members of the party, but a significant number) . And the first thing they did was pass an executive order with no public debate and without Parliament discussion to help fellow party members get out of jail passes (Monopoly would be proud).
The people wouldn't accept this betrayal and took to the streets again in what a lot of people feel was the Second anti-communist Revolution. This time less bloody.
And this song was brought back. Because it resonated with everything that was going on:

F***k all your wicked corruption
It's been there since our inception, but we couldn't see
All the times we've felt so hollow
As our hopes were hanged in gallows
All this time we've been locked away
And there was nothing left to say
Until today

We're not numbers we're free, we're so alive
And the day we give in is the day we die

The Colectiv club fire was fresh in everybody's mind and the movement against corruption was still strong.
Even the rock attitude was what was needed where young people wouldn't accept what the old generation was doing to their future. People were organizing over the Internet calling friends, family and colleagues to speak out against going back to totalitarian times.
Because this time, social unrest cannot be covered, not with millions of photos and videos posted on YouTube and Facebook, sent over Instant messaging and over TV all over the world.

And now we are here, where we no longer consider ourselves on the other side of the curtain from Europe, but part of Europe and 'The West". And this is why we're trying to let fellow Europeans know what's going on.
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