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Alan David Custom Suits NYC
One of the best places for custom suits in NYC!
One of the best places for custom suits in NYC!


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Alan David Custom's Monthly Digest - July Edition

A Power Suit for Her (

If you've followed our page for a length of time, you might recall one of our tips for finding a quality #tailor is their ability to make garments for women and men. Women's garments are often more difficult to create because of the unique shape of a woman's silhouette.

Want To Stand Out? Try a Double-Brasted Suit (

Without a doubt, most of the #suit styles around the office include the single-breasted variety. A single-breasted suit is a fine option for the office, and even for a backyard BBQ. However, if you're looking to make a statement, it might be worth exploring the idea of a double-breasted suit for your next bespoke option.

Your Guide to Selecting A Custom Suit (

Buying a custom-made #suit should feel like you are wearing a second skin. Not in a creepy way, but a more comfortable, professional way.

A suit should be tailored to the curves of your body. Putting on a well-made suit should feel as though you are slipping into a comfortable extension of yourself.

Keep Cool and Look Sharp This Spring and Summer (

New Yorkers will be the first to tell you that the weather here in #spring is incredible, but the summer months can get a little more hot and humid than you'd love. What's a gentleman to do when he needs to keep a professional look but doesn't want to melt in the summer heat?

Avoid These Common Suit Mistakes (

It's completely understandable if you're not an #expert when it comes to men's fashion. We are, but to be fair, we've had 90 years of experience over four generations. All these facts bode well for those men and women around New York City who are interested in bespoke clothing.

Job Interview Tips - Clothing Edition (

If you're currently in the #job market, you've likely been polishing your resume and keeping your professional networking efforts strong. It's an exciting prospect when you land an interview, but don't forget that the initial job interview is a make-or-break moment for first impressions.

The perfect gift from Alan David Custom (

If you're tired of the #Dads and #Grads sale marketing, we don't blame you. But it exists for a good reason, fathers day and college graduations are two popular events that come up in June.

With Details Come Decisions (

For many years, a #suit has been a foundation of the professional man or woman. But just because suits are common in the formal business environments doesn't mean that those who wear them have come up with every way to put their own accent on the garment.

Proper Care of a Custom Shirt (

The reason that #bespoke garments are so sought after is that they fit better and certainly last longer than off-the-rack alternatives. When you make an investment in a custom garment, you will have to pay a little more than what you might get at a chain department store, but the actual cost-per-wear will decrease significantly with a bespoke garment.

Tired of Boring Workplace Attire? (

We know it's #Friday, which means that many of you are exercising your right to have "Casual Friday" (or enduring it, depending on your perspective).
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A Suit for Kids (

#Children are a lot of fun, they're also a lot of work as any parent will tell you. While you're working hard to raise a happy, healthy kiddo, let Alan David Custom put some of the fun into dressing them for formal events.

Having a custom suit made for your little one might not be at the top of your list, but think about it for a moment. How many times have members or your family or friends wanted them to be a ring-bearer at a wedding, or take a nice family photo to hang on the wall?

All these occasions make the case for having a custom-suit made for your child!

Did you know that our tailors add in extra fabric at the seam allowances? This allows for custom alterations in the future and means that your child's suit will grow as they do.

Off-the-rack suit might seem like a good investment. A parent thinks their child will be able to wear it for a year, or two. But these options don't have the extra fabric built into them.

You can buy a custom tailored suit for your child for about the price is an off the rack, and it will last for several years. Remember that custom suits from Alan David NYC get free alterations.

When you think about the lifespan of a kids suit with free alterations, it actually is more economical to have a custom suit made than to purchase an overpriced suit off the rack. By investing in a custom-made suit for your child from Alan David Custom you will be able to have it altered over the coming years.

Click the link above to read more and to schedule your child an appointment for a fitting.

#NewYorkCity #suits #kids
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Mistakes You're Making While Wearing a Suit (

If you don't wear a #suit very often, it can understandably feel a little bit strange. But don't worry, it does not look strange, in fact, it probably enhances your look in almost every situation.

But if you don't wear a suit very often, you could be breaking some style rules that might make you look silly. After all, you can't know what you don't know!

Out advice is this - make an appointment with our team here at Alan David Custom. Our team has been helping men and women look their best in NYC for four generations and we can help you learn the rules of wearing a suit effectively.

One important rule is that when it comes to the price tag, don't be fooled by the cheapest option out there. There are advantages to spending a little more for a finely made garment.

An article in Business Insider describes more about why:

Lots of guys simply don't spend enough money on themselves, which seems odd if they have to wear a suit most days of the year or even just for a special occasion, Hunter said.

"Investing in self-presentation -- outside of health and education -- is critical for your career, for social circumstances," he said.

Hunter advises maximizing whatever budget you have to invest in a good suit that will last.

"I would rather have one nicer suit than four suits that will fall apart," he said.

The full article is available here: (

#customsuit #style #tips
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Dress to Impress (

We know that if you've followed the Alan David Custom page for any length of time, you've likely read this phrase already. But when it comes to #style, you can't avoid the fact that a well-fitted, classic business suit does make a statement, even without the person wearing the suit saying anything at all.

For over 90 years, our team has understood that dressing to impress is just easier with a custom suit. A custom suit allows the customer to have a garment created for their unique body type. For four generations, our tailors have let the individual style of men and women shine through with our garments.

You can always request an appointment for a fitting at our downtown Manhattan shop through our website. Just follow the link above. For some additional style tips this summer, we wanted to share some advice from Antonio Centeno, who was recently featured in an article in Entrepreneur:

Your look influences your message. For example, if a firefighter walks into a room and yells, "Get out!" everyone is going to immediately listen because of the uniform. Centeno suggests that the same principle applies in business. Your uniform is your attire -- what does it say about you?

If you're going to wear a T-shirt to an industry event it should have your logo on the front. You can also dress up your T-shirt and jeans look by throwing on a blazer.

The full article can be read here: (

#style #suits #fashion
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The Bespoke Suit Guide from Alan David Custom (

If you're wondering what could be lacking from your #wardrobe, let us take a guess. Your suit selections are limited and don't fit right anymore.

Were we close? You don't have to admit it right now.

Speaking of tailoring, the Alan David Custom team have been perfecting the craft of creating custom garments for over 90 years. Our fourth-generation family tailors have the skills necessary to create the perfect fit for every body type.

We don't blame anyone for not having the same eye for quality. Education is a large part of what we do here in our NYC shop, and we've got some important information to share with you today.

Rather than go into long-winded detail here, however, we've created a handy eBook that provides critical considerations when choosing a custom suit.

The idea of a "custom suit" sounds nice, but we understand that some clients might not understand exactly what that means and how it pertains to the quality of the final product.

Our FREE eBook goes over 5 crucial steps to find the best custom tailor and goes into more detail about the real differences between made-to-measure and a true, full custom suit.

You'll also get valuable information about how a custom suit is produced, and how to assess the quality of a fabric.

Click the link above to get started!

#NYC #tailoring #customsuitw
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Style Tips for Summer (

The #summer brings about an opportunity to shift your normal dress code around the house. But around NYC, your office might not be so flexible when it comes to your summer style.

Luckily, your friends here at Alan David Custom have you covered.

A gentleman or woman should always be willing to invest in wardrobe options that help keep them on the cusp of style. A custom garment gives you both the benefits of an exceptionally well-fitting garment and something that's as unique as you are.

Schedule a fitting at Alan David Custom through the link here to get a fitting on the calendar: (

For some summer style tips, check out the article we shared today from The Globe and Mail:

Free the ankle

The sight of a man's bare ankle beneath the cuff of his trouser used to be cause for scandal, akin to delivering a presentation with your fly down. "Nothing robs you of credibility more than the sight of a bare leg when you cross your legs," wrote William Thourlby in 1980's You Are What You Wear.

While calf-length socks are still mostly necessary for office wear, going without is now perfectly fine for less buttoned-down occasions. While the sockless look was popularized by Milanese dandies, you don't need a hand-rolled cigarette or a Vespa to pull it off (although an immaculately-tailored suit and a nice pair of shoes will get you most of the way there).

The full post is available through the link above.

#style #NYC #customsuit
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Custom Shirts for NYC Men and Women (

Without a great #shirt, a suit doesn't really have the same flare. Basically, it's just a jacket and slacks, and wearing just those two garments will earn you a few strange looks.

At Alan David Custom, our clients come back year after year because of our pursuit of the perfect fit for each customer. We bring this same dedication to the concept of creating custom dress shirts as well.

The team here at ADC has been in the tailoring business for four generations and stick to the original methods which helped establish our name as one of the premiere custom tailors in NYC. We still create a hard paper pattern for each client to conform to their body and specifications - you won't find any generic patterns here!

You can be sure you'll walk out of our shop with a completely custom, perfectly fitted dress shirt that is sure to turn some heads. If you're in New York City and looking for a team that desires perfection as much as you do, Alan David Custom is the only name you need to remember.

Click the link above to visit our website and browse the site. You can schedule an appointment right from the site and get fitted for the perfect look.

#NewYork #suits #dressshirt
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Online Support from Alan David Custom (

What is it about #shopping, that you have access to help when you don't need it, and never enough help when you actually want it! If you can't find someone to ask a question, you're less likely to have a great experience and obviously, less likely to shop there again.

At Alan David Custom, we've been providing exceptional custom suit creation services for 90 years at our shop in New York City, and that, of course, includes exceptional customer service.

Our hand-made custom garments keep our customers looking their best seven days a week and throughout all four seasons.

While our website is much newer than our physical location, we wanted to ensure our online visitors have access to support options even if we can't help them in person.

This desire has given birth to a live customer support option for visitors to the Alan David Custom website.

Have a question about our seasonal specials?
Curious about the availability of our team for an alteration next week?

These are just a sample of the questions we are able to help our customers answer through the live chat feature on our website.

And by the way, next time you find yourself on your website make sure to visit our blog for helpful information about custom suits, bespoke clothing for men and women and wedding garments!

Click the link above to get started.

#NewYork #customsuit
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The Seersucker Summer Suit (

In addition to creating a perfect #fit for our #customsuits, the fabric selection is another incredibly important detail to consider. If you've never had a custom suit made, you might not be aware that there are a variety of fabrics used to create a suit.

In the winter, heavier fabrics can help keep you warm on the chilly NYC streets. But in the summer, if you're wearing a thick, wool suit you might find yourself getting too hot under the collar. These details are all ironed out during the fitting process, and the Alan David Custom team can help you get a bespoke garment that will fit perfectly, and keep you the right temperature all year round.

Wondering if your current wardrobe will provide enough breathability? It can be hard to know just by looking at it hanging up in the closet. An article in The Gentleman's Gazette provided a simple test to help you determine the suit's breathability.

Here's a clip from their article:

Use A Fan To Determine Your Suits' Breathability

To test how breathable your suit is, stand about 3-4 yards/meters away from a fan. If you can feel the air, it's breathable, if you can't feel it, there is a better fabric to be found. Once you have worn a breathable garment in the wind, you know that it feels chilly in fall or early spring, but during the summer you want to feel the maximum breeze.

Full article is available here: (

#summer #suit #NYC
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An Unusual Suit Environment (

Think of some of the common places you'd see someone wearing a #suit.

In the office? Definitely.
On the subway? Most likely.
Job interview? If you want the position, yes!
On the Hudson River? What!

If you happen to live around New Jersey, there's a good chance you've heard this story. New Yorkers and New Jersy residents are no strangers to using the ferry, but this guy had plans of his own.

Wearing a full suit and tie, a dress code that's more appropriate for the office than the river, Eunice Rivers' video shows a man taking his paddleboard across the Hudson River last Thursday on an apparent commute to work.

His Facebook post has gone viral, obviously, and was shared over 1,700 times since last week.

Scott Holt of was allegedly the man on the paddleboard, according to reports. The 31-year-old said that it took about thirty minutes to paddleboard from Jersey City to Manhattan. Here's a clip from an article in

Despite some waves along the way and passing a bit too close to some bigger seafaring vessels, he said he stayed dry aside from his shoes. Through it all, Holt said he made it to his meeting on time.

"The meeting was trying to get someone to represent my comedy career," he said. "It did not go as well as my commute."

Full article here: (

#funny #paddleboard #NewJersey #NewYork
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