Do you have a comment on the corruption in many branches of science and technology? For example asbestos was excellent in preventing fires but later it was prohibited because it causes health problems. The industry however knew already in the 1940s that it is dangerous and still denied any harmful effects for decades. Similar behaviour was a normal procedure among tobacco industry for a long time.

There are many scientific studies that support the use of cannabis or its derivatives in treating pain, anxiety, Parkinson's and many other diseases. Still many doctors don't believe it because there is not enough evidence. I think the painkiller industry is fabricating evidence.

And on the history why cannabis is illegal in most countries: USA invented the prohibitioin of cannabis and heroin to fight the hippies and blacks because the war industry needed to continue the Vietnam war. Also the politicians needed simple enemies both inside the U.S. and outside. Cannabis and communists. BTW the politicians and army knew already in the late 1960s that they cannot win the Vietnam war but still it went on for almost a decade.

A few recent reports on the positive effects on cannabis
(there are negative effects, of course, but the positive effects are much bigger)

Kannabis on enemmän lääke kuin huume. Ihmiset hoitavat kannabiksella kipuja ja monia muita vaivoja. Kysykää tuhansilta kroonisen kivun potilailta, jotka käyvät Saksassa tai Espanjassa hakemassa helpotusta kipuun. Kyllä pitäisi olla oikeus lääkitä itseään!
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