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Simplicity, Performance and Security for everybody
Simplicity, Performance and Security for everybody

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Hello all,

We know you were expecting a release earlier this week which works around the Joomla! 3.7 bugs we already talked about. Unfortunately, as things do, it became more complicated than we expected.

The bugs in Joomla! 3.7.0 affect fundamental core APIs. Working around them required us to write our own API implementation, without using Joomla's library. We then had to replace all instances of these API calls in all of our extensions. That's around 2,500 places in our code.

As you understand, with changes so deep and wide we had a question of reliability. Did we miss anything? The standard way to deal with it is automated tests. While we do have autoamted tests, Akeeba Backup's tests only covered the backup engine but not its integration with the CMS. It's this very thin integration layer that was affected by Joomla! 3.7.0's bugs. The solution to that is acceptance tests, i.e. automated tests which test the integration of the extension with the CMS. We started writing these tests but a full suite takes a lot of time and effort. This is measured in months, not weeks.

We understand that you have sites and you want them backed up and working. We decided to do a small compromise. Today we are releasing a testing version, Akeeba Backup 5.4.0.b1. Its key areas (taking backups) which were affected by Joomla! 3.7.0 as well as restoration have been thoroughly tested. Its other areas have undergone basic manual testing. We ask you to install it on your Joomla! 3.7.0 sites and report back any bugs you find. Remember that a bug not reported is a bug not fixed.

You can get the new testing version from:

The fine print: Testing releases have undergone basic testing. While we have tried our best to prevent any show stopper issues, using it on production sites is always at your own risk. 

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Check out our brand new videos section, now with updated tutorials and a shiny new design. Knowlege is power!

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Something for our German-speaking friends: Wie macht man seine Joomla! Installation zu Fort Knox - Joomla Security

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Help us improve Akeeba Backup by participating in our usability study. It's easy and there are giveaways!

May the Fourth be with you! Today we're celebrating the Star Wars day with a special 20% discount using coupon code JEDIKNIGHT But hurry up, for the Dark Side will destroy this coupon code on Saturday the 7th!

Happy Holidays! • Merry Christmas! • Happy Hannukah!

Celebrating this holiday season we give you a 35% discount off any subscription until January 6th, 2015 using coupon code SANTABABY

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If you were having trouble updating our extensions and other extensions hosted on secure HTTPS sites (such as JCE for example) please note that it's neither our nor Joomla!'s fault. It's your host's fault for not updating the OpenSSL library on their server. Our lead developer has written a long but easy to follow, non-technical explanation which is worth reading before asking your host to upgrade their servers.
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