Proudly Presenting the 2nd of the Van Cleef series "Fly By Kiss"original name "Charms Hirondelles". This one is for the Honeys i think. Brian and Myself mainly wanted to do this specific model since it offered nice possibilities to play with. Its a fully animated and interactive Face. Clowds serve as your seconds the little swirl as seen in the picture is your indicater for the full rotation they rotate around and are interactive. The birds aswell to bring a lil life into them you can try kissing her with wrist movements while being pretty close. As the hour ends, the bird will speed up the rest of the way dynamically to go in for the kisses (friction/contact/full hour is being insinuated by a single vibration) before the bird moves back into its original positon once the hour is complete and kisses granted. You can tap the center to zoom the bezel bling bling one ring further until it fills the screen fully eventually. Dim is the same as on the previous VC Butterfly watch. Enjoy Ladies we put some thought into this one. The next van cleef brian and myself will try taking it one step further and trigger animation sequenced on the full hour, at least thats the next goal for the van cleef midnight randevous . Hope you gals enjoy this one, next few watches are fun and male faces. ;)

Thx to +Nite Owl for the initial idear his Hourly Kiss bunnys sparked the creation for this one and is a watch i wear regulary.
Coding by yours truly +Brian Scott Oplinger 
Gfx @joy

*Updated with Battery indicator using the twig and white diamonds when very low they will blink indicating you to load back up asap.

Van Cleef "Fly By Kisses"-> (Full Res Ad, Zoom in for full detials)
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