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ajay panjwani
iOS pay per use model with Apple dollars just the concept really
iOS pay per use model with Apple dollars just the concept really

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throw gum in a bin preferably covering in paper

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HardKernel ODROID-X2 dev board coming soon for $149

i am taking a 3 week holiday coz i badly need to unfry my tiny brain, let's just hope this particular stunt works where all else has failed!

Google+ iOS app ux feedback

Comment replies are a weak point, if not the weakest.

Agreed, threaded comments are messy but it is still possible to implement replies elegantly, here's one way.

When I am reading the comments, i simply tap on the check-box of each comment, then i tap on the text-box for writing my comment, the screen splits into two. The upper half shows only comments that i checked and the lower half has the comment text-box.

Naturally the upper half is scrollable. I just flick my finger to scroll up or down the checked comments, but here's the kicker:

in any comment, if i tap and hold a sentence, the commenter's handle as well as that sentence gets copied to my text-box, if i tap and hold some other sentence from the same comment, it is simply appended without the name.

But if I tap and hold a later comment by the same person, the handle reappears with the sentence and is placed below the first transfer.

Similarly if i tap and hold a prev comment by the same commenter, the handle reappears with the sentence but is now placed above the others.

All such transfers are chronologically ordered.

The reason why it is necessary to duplicate handles of the same person is because after my comment is published, tapping on these handles first takes the reader to the original comment from where, the reader can go to the commenter's profile if he or she wishes to do so.

g+ ios app ux feedback

because app is iphone only the built in browser should have readability

google's implementation of circles is still too primitive.

for starters, make them dynamic. a dynamic circle would be like a trending hashtag on twitter ie about a topic as opposed to a group of people.

if a user wants to say something about ios apps now gone free, all he/she has to do in include that particular circle.

google can implement dynamic circles via scope too. after we are done typing and click on the scope dialog, google can offer multiple circles to post it to in order of relevance. of these we can select all circles which appear relevant

this act can be made scientific by providing an AIRTIME rating or even full blown stats wherein for any post, google provides the list of relevant dynamic circles sorted by AIRTIME rating

AIRTIME rating is calculated by estimating how many people would read the post, how much time they would spend on it, how many would click links within the post, how much discussion / +1s would happen, any resharing or propagation potential and so on

g+ ux feedback MAJOR FEATURE

Its time for Google to junk +1

What google needs to do is to put 5 buttons -2, -1, 0, +1, +2

These correspond to our reactions:

-2 strongly disagree
-1 somewhat disagree
0 no comment
+1 somewhat agree
+2 strongly agree


so far so good but here is the kicker. based on our past reactions, google predicts our reaction to each post and puts it next to the reaction box.

so some post might carry -1.63 and we might respond as -2 or -1 or even 0 or +1 because google CAN get it wrong on occasion.
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