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Bringing your Google+ photos to the Chromebook Pixel

Today we're introducing a new app for Chromebook Pixel owners that makes it easy to back up, browse and share your Google+ photos. In particular:

1) When you plug an SD card into your Pixel, the app will back up your new photos to Google+ automatically. (For your eyes only, of course.) And when you’re offline, you can still view your most recent photos.

2) The Pixel's high resolution display makes your photos look their best, and browsing via touchscreen is a lot of fun.

3) You can share individual photos, set of photos, or an entire album in just a few seconds. Simply select the images you want, then click 'Share.'

Pixel owners can download the app here: And we’re working to bring the app to other Chromebooks as well.

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I can't figure out how to install this on my Chromebook Pixel. It says "Only available for the Chromebook Pixel", which is what I'm using. Is it not available to Dev Mode or Beta Channel?
Is this going to be available to other chromebook?
+Ramsés Gómez - the last line of the post "And we’re working to bring the app to other Chromebooks as well."
+AJ Asver - I'm on my chromebook pixel and went to the page, but the download link said I must be on a chromebook pixel to download it. Which I mentioned that I am.   Is there any other way to access it?  - Also I am in dev mode and beta stream and Crouton if it matters...:)  Thanks!
Given that Picasa has been lingering near dead for quite long enough for me to start screaming a bit, please bring this to Mac / PC too PLEASE!  :)
+1 for a great product, and +1 for supporting WebP in Photos!
+AJ Asver Same result. I cleared cache and hit the web page again.
My Samsung Chromebook is looking at the Pixel with jealous rage.  
Looking forward to it being expanded to the Samsung ARM Chromebook.
+Peter Teoh  Please could you try one more time?  We're working to resolve your issue.
Are you going to make this available to other platforms as well? I'd love to use this from my Mac!
+AJ Asver Unfortunately I'm out at a meeting but I'll try when I get home. 
I installed but it keeps prompting me to sign into Chrome but when I click on button, nothing happens.   I AM logged in.  Have uninstalled and tried a second time with same results.
+Dave Ploch Can you try going to your Chrome settings and clicking on "Advanced sync settings" and let me know if that loads?
+Michael Fischer Are you about to access the Pixel page in the post and see the install link?
Installed for me without issue.  THANK YOU +AJ Asver!  I've been (im)patiently waiting for this app since the Pixel announcement.  

Quick question - how does this work with data storage?  Are the uploads using our 1TB of GD storage?

+AJ Asver Yes, but when I access the link I only get the message that it is only available on the pixel, I use a pixel at the moment but also have a Samsung chromebook arm (in case it matters)
It worked... don't ask me how, but its installing....
Hope that this isn't a trend with packaged apps, they are supposed to run on every platform that has the Chrome runtime. Don't see what is so different with the pixel that this app only runs on it.
+AJ Asver  This pixel was purchased separately but activated (logged in) on my gmail account. Refreshing still does not install the app...
Any other suggestions?
+AJ Asver I am having the same issue as +Dave Ploch .  When I am logged in with my main account (which has multifactor auth), I cannot start the Photos app.  If I log into another account which does not have multi-factor, it starts perfectly.
+Shaun Henry  Are you logging in from a Google+ account?  Do you mean 2-Factor auth?
+Mark Dodsworth I installed Google+ Photos on my Pixel, and it sync'd with Windows - but like +Steven Mautone, I receive a "Google+ Photos is not supported on this platform... only available on ChromeOS" (I didn't expect it to work on Windows/Chrome, but I thought I'd mention how the app showed up).
If you were not able to see the install link on your Pixel, please try again now!
Did you go out of your way to make it Pixel-only, or was it an accident? Why are their APIs etc. not identical to the others?! :-\ 
+AJ Asver I do not know if you guys did something, but I am able to log into photos now.
It is now working for me:   +AJ Asver  suggested I try: ctrl-shift-0 to reset my zoom and all is well! 
+AJ Asver I forgot to thank you and your team for bringing this to us.  It is something I at least, have been waiting months for :-)
+AJ Asver One more thing.  Could you please give your code to the Play Music team, so we can upload mp3s please.

Thanks in advance.
It works perfectly on my Samsung ARM Chromebook.
Not sure about the statement "Only available for Chromebook Pixel".
Still no download link. Version 28.0.1500.35 beta
Platform 4100.38.3 (Official Build) beta-channel link
Firmware Google_Link.2695.1.133
Interesting, I am on a Samsung 550 and was able to download and use the app.
Hey, same issue as +Michael Downey . Im on Pixel, but can't see any download link either, instead I have "Only available for the Chromebook Pixel."

Version 28.0.1500.53 beta
Plate-forme 4100.48.0 (Official Build) beta-channel link
Micrologiciel Google_Link.2695.1.133

Any known workaround ? 
I've posted in the forum, but thought I'd post here also. Each time I plug in my iPhone ALL my photos are imported. So I have so many right now that are duplicated and triplicated. Also, the Auto Backup in Google+ is importing files also, so I have so many copies and it's going to take me forever to remove all the copies.
un mille grazie per la possibilità di poter condividere le immagini  che atri mettono disponibili
It would be nice if I could mark the files on my SDCARD as "already imported" or perhaps check them against what's already in drive so that it doesn't try to upload 1500 5mb photos on startup ;-)
That would be nice...what would also be nice if there was a way to get rid of the 1000s of dupes I and many others probably have.
I have posted.

Jamie R. Rytlewski
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