To the thrill of large crowds below, Discovery made several passes over the Washington, DC area between before landing safely at Washington-Dulles International Airport today.
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These are some cool pictures.
I remember and saw the Columbia when it was flown piggy back from TX to FL in the 80's around Baton Rouge, La
nice! is it on the exhibit yet?
Excellent, the Space Shuttle I ordered should show a tracking status of on the truck for delivery now.
Saw it fly over our school! :D
I don't you remember what happened superman returns? it got stuck and crashed....
oh my gosh it flew RIGHT OVER MY SCHOOL but my teacher wouldn't let us go outside to see it! we could at least hear it
Zeal An
That passed right over our school. We got to miss the entirety of third period just so we could see it. And we got some awesome pictures, too.
Zeal An
+Ryan New Hey, that means you're in my area!
Cool! I watched that land live on CNN!
Presumably buzzed by an UFO?
A 747 and a Shuttle....that's just porn for scientists and engineers,
Zeal An
+Ryan New Nope. Wrong state. I'm in Virginia. Chantilly to be exact.
My whole school went outside to see this! It was pretty cool! :D
Wicked cool....I stopped what I was doing to watch it on TV....
Being born in 1970, I'm a little young to remember the Apollo program and the last of the Moon shots in the 70's. But, I paid attention to the Shuttle program.

This program was an era filled with the joy and excitement of those watching and dreaming, as well as that of the lucky few who were chosen to participate.

It was an era marked by the sadness of those lost on Challenger and Columbia.

We were awed by the photos that NASA so graciously shared with us from platforms such as the Hubble that looked deep into the heavens, and indeed, maybe even into the mind of whoever we turn to as God.

We were inspired and taught by the myriad of experiments performed.

We were shown what peace could look like as those brave astronauts periodically turned their cameras back to look at our home floating through the void.

Whether we were humbled and awestruck, or encouraged to go beyond our dreams, the Space Shuttle fleet as been forever etched into our minds and history.

Now that the era as drawn to a close with the delivery of STS Discovery to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and we await the start of the next, I feel that we are presented with the opportunity to solve some of our problems here at home before we have to decide the direction our next adventure will take us.
Congratrulations! According to Jeopardy! the Air and Space has had the greatest attendance of any Museum in the US in the past two years.
spaceship to airplane: "Whos your daddy, baby."
there are like 6 fighter jets in the air
I bet you Craig is a so called Tea Parties. I cannot stand these idiots who feel that they can affect my tax dollars. Plus I pay more than you. The fly by has sentiments you turd.
and this one didn't explode (lucky)
Thank God , it all went well , hats off to them Yehaw !
I can't think of a better send off than this. I just wish there was new shuttle program to take its place.
This the end of the Space Shuttle era and the beginning of warp drive...We can now concentrate on new propulsion systems.
Now all you folks at Embry-Riddle get cracking at beaming us up...
I'll be here in Ghana digging for the di-lithium crystals.
very very nice photo
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