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ahmar siddiqui

My sublime text 3 shortcut ctrl+shift+n doesn't work in Freya
how can I fix this?

Hey guys I'm trying to learn Android development
Anybody up for pair learning or pair coding can ping me

Hey guys I'm starting to learn Android development
If anybody is up for pair learning or programming ping me

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wrote a a chrome extension to get the color coded IMDB ratings of the selected text

suggestions are welcome
#imdb   #googlechrome #extensions  
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Wrote a Twitter bot that explains internet lingo, slang and some weird humor

Follow it @

Any suggestions are more than welcome

Also I'm thinking about doing a tutorial for Twitter bots.let me know 

I'm planning to buy a new MacBook air 13" 8gb

Want to know will Freya work on it properly?

Has anybody successfully installed?

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