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A very surprising ladder after Round 8. Happy with where your team is at? #AFL
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The only surprise for me is Geelong but it's a long season. My poor old BL are on a knife edge. Not the greatest start.
Very surprised to see my Bombers up there. I think a lot of fans are surprised at the overall improvement in quality in this squad. But I feel as though we're over performing, so I'm expecting a drop back into the lower part of the 8.
Fingers crossed the Swannies can keep winning the big games and not lose games that they really should be winning! (Richmond)
+Hawthorn Football Club are going ok.... Played most of the top 8. Have not hit top form and hopefully that happens around September time!
Bit concerned about +Geelong Cats , hoping they start winning the close ones and crushing teams instead of just beating even Melbourne by only ~50pts :/ percentage is a problem as well as win-loss ratio.
bombers are shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOTDOGS! slowly creeping up.
Finale Collingwood on 5th of the ladder getting close to be on top of the ladder hopely in the end of Round 23.
Collingwood are the best finale smash Geelong by 12 points it was awesome last friday night hope they can keep going and win some more.
Um, did you mean "finally", +Keyshia Stepien ? Or "hopefully" ? I don't speak fluent Collingwood.
hahah looks like the Stepien clan need to go back to school... Primary perhaps...
Carlton Need to beat Hawthorn or Geelong for top 4 spot
the anwser for that is they are just shit mate so is the other 15 other teams
fair enough, im guessing ur a collingwood fan???
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