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I 💖 web dev because we have an open forum to share our creations: You should share your #love4dev #io16

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I just got it... 'catch'! Oh +Google Developers, you are hilaire. Also 'whilst'... winning strategy.
Did you 'catch' +Paul Lewis and +Jake Archibald fishing last week?! They talk on ES2015 whilst afloat in a rubber boat:

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HTTP 203 Podcast!

That's right, you can now get a podcast of +Jake Archibald and me talking about the web! We're just waiting for it to get listed all around the place, but most apps let you add it via a feed URL.... so go go go!

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Ever been frustrated that the History API restores scroll positions? Fret no more!

I know this has bothered me, and never more so than when I built the Chrome Dev Summit site last year[1]. Well, there's a new spec[2] which has been implemented in Chrome 46, history.scrollRestoration, that lets you decide what should happen. More power to devs, I say!


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Schedule your non-essential JavaScript with requestIdleCallback!

It's now in Canary behind a flag for folks to test, and I've written up a post to help explain how it can be used.

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Looking for a router that’s simple, fast and really, really ridiculously good looking? Meet #OnHub.

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Want a performance deep dive?

I'm hoping to launch a new video series where I profile real-world sites and document the process for everyone to learn. Want me to look at your site? Submit away!

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React + Performance = ?

I often hear claims that “the DOM is slow!” and “React is fast!”, so I decided to put that to the test!

🐢vs🐇 ... who will win!?

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I really want hosting companies to not make HTTPS a "money-spinner" (as +Jake Archibald calls it), a secure web should be the default imo.
It's another HTTP 203! This time, I think web security is an important and good thing, whereas +Paul Lewis doesn't because blah blah I wasn't even listening tbh
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