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I don't know how I went so long without listening to Kyuss

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So I got on this site last night and so far it's the neatest Dropbox-like webapp I've seen. Really fast with mobile apps and browser extensions and you get 10GB free plus 1GB free for both inviter and invitee if you join through someone's link (hint hint).

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Hello everybody!

Hopefully you're aware of the Stop Online Piracy and Protect IP acts (SOPA / PIPA), and the fact that if they get passed an entire world of nasty possibilities would be opened up. A single meandering comment could see sites censored in the US and removed from search engines.

Some of you might know that I help run; a moderately sized (small) site with musings on the video game industry, a podcast, and generally wonderfully geeky stuff. As we delve more into video content and the like, SOPA and PIPA become even more of an issue for us.

Anyway, even if you have absolutely no interest in listening to a couple of guys talk about video games for an hour+ a week, or read intermittent rants on Call of Warmans : Modern Dudefare- I hope that you'll make your voice heard one way or another (preferably the one way).

There are a handful of places to educate yourself on said acts, and make it super easy to take action. Take your pick.

So my Picasa account is linked here and I can see my pictures on the picture tab but I can't figure out how to take a picture that's in Picasa and post it here on the Stream.

As far as I can tell the only way to post a picture is to upload it directly from my computer?

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Oh hey what's this
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Oh man oh man oh man gotta wake up early tomorrow so I can make sure I get a copy of A Dance With Dragons

I've noticed most people have their circles as public. You can change that by editing your profile and clicking the globe next to the Circles thing underneath your profile picture.
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