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AdSysNet Solutions | Active Directory Management & Reporting

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How to install adsysnet password manager(self service reset password software)

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ASN Active Directory Inactive Account Tracker v2.2(Latest Release) Date of Release:30 April 2015

Inactive users and computers report is generated by combining lastlogon and lastlogontimestamp.
Able to view the user's last logon detail in all domain controllers.

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ASN Active Directory Manager V4.1.8.0(Latest Release)
Date of Release:2 April 2015

Unicode characters issue in CSV export is now fixed.
Issue with empty attribute in bulk creation and modification issue is now fixed.
Macro resolving issue when the specified attribute not exists in the table is now fixed.

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AdSysNet Password Manager V3.0(Latest Release) Date of Release:16 March 2015

SQL and IIS requirements excluded for evaluating the application.
User native console is supported.
No initial configurations required. Local domain is managed automatically.

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AdSysNet AD Logon Reporter V1.0(Latest Release) Date of Release:
25 February 2015

AD Users logon tracking.
Users logon access failures tracking.

For AdSysNet Password Manager Instant live demonstration, Kindly follow this link and get feel our great services.

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AsSysNet Password Manager v1.3.0.0(Latest Release) Date of Release:01 July 2014

Release Note:

1. SQL Server requirement is overcome for the trial version, now it is easy to install the service component on any windows machine having .NET Framework 4.0 installed.

2. Option to configure the IIS is added, Web console can be easily installed in few mouse clicks.

ASN Active Directory Inactive Account Tracker v2.0.2.0(Latest Release) Date of Release:30 June 2014

Release Note:

Show the exact inactive days of every user in the generated "Inactive Users" report.
Show the password expiration date, applied password policy, maximum password age, last password set, days let to password expire information of every user in the generated "Password about to expire users" and "Password expired users" report.
Show the days left to expire account and account expiration date of every users in the generated Account about to expire users report.
Able to view the report table with horizontal scroll for a better view.
Option to configure a schedule to periodically sending reports to the admin e-mail addresses.
Culture issue in viewing Account and Password policy details features is fixed.

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Screens of ASN AD Inactive Account Tracker
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