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everything but the kitchen sink!

found this tip to stop adblock from letting google ads through their filter:
in firefox =
Type about:config in browser
Search for extensions.adblockplus.subscriptions_exceptionscheckbox 
Set the value to false by double clicking the word "true" 
Go to Tools / Adblock Plus  / Filter preferences
Uncheck Allow non-intrusive advertising
Click Close

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Don't think people understand how important fighting internet censorship is ... if SOPA or PIPA passes say goodbye to everything you know about the internetz, including LOLCATS and RICK ROLLS. If any of those things pass, in the first 24 hours you can expect over 9000 sites to go offline forever. If you don't take a stand for internet freedom soon it will be just you on the internet as each of your friends gets taken offline for some infringement, you'll be compliant I'm sure - but forever alone. If anybody ever tries to take even a small piece of your freedoms just remember: IT'S A TRAP. If our founding fathers could just see us now they would do a barrel roll in their graves! I'd rather take an arrow to the knee then live in a world like that. If you do nothing about this then years from now you'll be telling your kids the way things used to be and their only reply will be "cool story bro". Gentlemen, never forget, INTERNET SERIOUS BUSINESS. ಠ_ಠ ... also THE GAME.

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ebooks for miles wat

So my terabyte drive died in a horrible accident, now the spindle motor stuck. My sister was horrified for me but I couldn't remember for the life on me what the hell i had on it that COULD have been important. Not until was I on the west side cruising home did I snap that I lost scrap junk from 2000-2006 - I pulled over at a gas station, bought an ice cream sandwich and felt better about it. scrap is just that, scrap. Luckily I backed up all my movies to another drive the week before :) Now looking for a permanent solution to storage.

Post has attachment - it's like the pirate bay for ebooks! WAT Don't want to download anything because I might get a virus on my win98se machine, that I use for important stuff like, solitaire.

NOT UPGRADING TO FIREFOX 6, I'll wait 3 months for 10.5b. This whole version number thing is RETARDED. Kinda obvious they are trying to catch up to whatever number IE is at because to their target market, joe-blow desk worker, falsely believes "it's a bigger number, it must be better" ... stupid. Even stupider is that Mozilla people are pandering to THAT crowd instead of to the bread and butter who actually recommend your product, the IT guys. If I wasn't using like 6 add-ons and 4 greasemonkey scripts I probably would upgrade but it's too much of a hassle to cross my fingers and pray to padre pio that all my cool stuff make the upgrade cut. Would always recommend half and half and install both FireFox and Chrome but definitely will lean more towards Chrome for a years time.

was Posted up like a gangster at China Rose parking lot with a homie... playing ANGRY BIRDS on a tablet. Some gang banger wearing all red tried to creep on us but saw we take our gaming too serious and excused himself towards Mama Margies on foot. PURO SOUTH SIDE

gave up explaining things to people. My responses are limited to "i upgrade your device" or "it's better now" instead of "I had to gain root to your shit so I could updated the firmware to some hacked Romanian version of your OS" ... becoming like those minimalist "chefs" - less food on your plate but charge you 4x more. shameless.
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