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Yay! What a time saver!
When creating a web application it is essential that we test to see if it will work in the real world before releasing it into the wild. To test our application many of us use the ever tedious insert ...
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Cool! I'm sure this will come in handy very soon. As most people probably do, I usually just insert data into the database by hand, and quickly run out of 'original' things to put in there.
Haha! I tend to use for that, but it sure is tedious to do it one by one. However, I found this app his a stupid limitation, one has to define the columns manually before it generates anything! Come on - it should take in a CREATE TABLE command and understand by itself! I, the instant-gratification-addicted Web developer, demand it!
WTF? I just write a population script in python.. you can reuse the database code in your app for this

Any reason why this won't work with php? If it's a script timeout issue, you could write a php script for a single record and write a bash script to loop
The use of comes second to the mandatory "hello world" of course. ;)
I don't consider this a "WTF" moment o.O

No, I haven't yet written a general purpose population script that can take on any table and fill it up... oh, the shame!
Note to self: write php script to auto populate fields with "blah blah sit." (Simpsons reference)
Hahaha i have a guy testing new stuff. I can usually see what shows he was watching or what movie he saw when Willis, Bruce has an entry in the database ;)
The schema will anyway be written by you in something like a models.php or db.php file anyway. You just need to import this for schema info and what remains is one line per table that needs to be run as many times as you need records.

In python, yes you can write a generic script for any ORM (though I haven't written one yet) quite easily because there are nice introspection functions. I use python REPL to populate the tables because I find that convenient enough.
All your database entries are belong to me.
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