Create your "wrap-up" post for 2012 using Google Analytics

If you use Blogger, WordPress (or any CMS that is set to display year as part of your URL structure) plus Google Analytics and want to do a “wrap” post of 2012 for your site’s most popular content, it’s super easy.

1. Go into the “Content” section of Google Analytics
2. Visit “All Pages”
3. Add /2012/ to your search (or leave blank if you want popular posts of all time, not just this year)
4  Change the date range to be from the start of the year until now

Or just click this link: and I’ve done the work for you by creating a custom dashboard of posts with 2012 in the URL (just update the date range to be the start of the year until today -- it's close enough to the end of the year for sure). 

I would encourage you to publish an end of year wrap of your most popular posts too. I've been doing it for 6 years on my blog and find it’s always useful for new subscribers to get a wrap of what was popular, show existing readers what the community enjoyed most, as well as provide personal guidance for what you should create next year.

As a sample, here are my most popular posts this year on my personal blog:

Pinging some of my favorite bloggers (& friends) to remind them to do an end-of-year post (as I'm curious what their most popular posts were):
+Justin Cutroni, +Avinash Kaushik, +Lee Odden, +Michael Masnick, +Eric Friedman, +Arik Hanson, +AJ Kohn, +Chris Brogan, +Daniel Waisberg, +Frank Strong, +Louis Gray, +Steven Hodson, +Ilya Grigorik, +Valeria Maltoni, +Gini Dietrich, +Jesse Noyes, +Jeremiah Owyang, +Todd Defren, +Chris Winfield, +Drew Olanoff, +Rand Fishkin, +Steven Bradley, +Ian Lurie, +Nathan Yau, +Brian Clark, +Brian Clark, +Brian Solis, +Jason Falls, +Olivier Blanchard.
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