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+Limor Fried posted up her latest ZENCART ZENSDAY - this our ongoing process of open-sourcing adafruit's shopping cart so other makers can make businesses like +Adafruit Industries - here's a fun one:
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Hey, I have a suggestion. Each time I log into the Adafruit store and enter my email address on an iPad/iPhone I have to deal with hitting the special character key to get the @ sign. There is a cool HTML 5 attribute you can use for the input box that makes entering email addresses a bit easier. Instead of input type=text, you use input type=email. And, it gracefully degrades to just a normal text box on any non-HTML 5 compliant browsers. Here's some info on this: . I know it is a little thing, but I hit the store pretty frequently and it would just be a nice touch.

I believe there are attributes for entering numbers too which makes it much easier to put numbers in.
+Brooke Hedrick ok - this is a great suggestion, we'll be able to do this soon and we'll research making all the forms better for devices - thank you for this feedback!
Hey, thanks for considering my suggestion and so quickly!
Cool. I have two friends in need of a shopping cart system, This may help a lot! Thanks. Everything I see from you is so useful in some way, even info on how you do your shopping cart..
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