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+Becky Stern - I am looking to interface a Flora on a shirt with one neopixel on a hat (I cannot colocate them in the project).  I was looking to use the Adafruit 4 conductor ribbon to go from the Flora on the shirt to the neopixeled hat.  Would this be the best solution?  Thank you!
Buzz K
+Becky Stern If I wanted to make several wearable items that I wanted to all to be wirelessly synchronized with each other, what would be the best mix of wearables to use to control a couple dozen LEDs and to handle receiving the LED on/off information from a central control computer, and keep the costs down?
Update For clarification, the items would not be on the same person, but they would be in relatively close proximity to each other.
+Becky Stern Could you cover a Flora in epoxy to make it weather/water proof?

Wouldn't that work better than the neverwet spray?
what  would be the best way to interface sensors into an led-laden wearable party outfit in order to make it react to sound level and motion, so as to make it most reactive in a rave party setting?
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