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If you can't wait on the android port there's a nice app called "ElectroDroid" which is very similar.
I note the fact that the numerical values are listed below the resistor. With this app, even if your 100% color blind, you can still use the app without issue by reading the numbers (which a color-blind person would have to do anyway). Great stuff!
I'll wait for the Android version.
Yes, many of us are waiting for the Android version, but every time I hear about the latest Great New iPad app presented with "an Android version is in the works" promise, I know there's yet another victim out there imprisoned by AAPL's deliberately engineered platform lock-in.

Amazing how many people otherwise committed to open code and hardware totally forget about it where the Borg is concerned...
I'm sure engineers understand how to position and target within a rapidly versioning API. Engineering being largely the art of optimizing compromises among competing concerns. :-)
+Faraday Defcon as others have mentioned on our product page we say if you can't wait on the android port there's a nice app called "ElectroDroid" which is very similar. we have it on our android phones now :)
I already have electrodroid. But +Adafruit Industries , as #android, is something like faith, you may want it even if you actually don't need it. Five years ago I didn't have a smartphone nor adafruit account, I was living good. Now that I own them, I would feel empty without. So please take your java developers and publish to Google play. Apple market is creepy.
That android article has it totally wrong.

- Most of us hack our phones.
- Most of us buy out of contract so we save more money in the long run (because most of us are smart) and so we can hack without fear of repercussions.
- Is it that hard to support Gingerbread and above devices? Really? Just lock out the older devices.
+Paul Henning That's pretty interesting, do you think over 50% of android owners have hacked their phones? And have most (over 50%) really buy out of contract?
+Adafruit Industries Poll your users. I don't need research when you're pointing to a blog post written by an Apple purist. If a half the people in this thread are asking about it, and asking every time you post on the iPad app, it's safe to say the time spent making up a poll is at the very least worth it just to see the results from Android users.

One thing I forgot: You can set minimum specs in the Play market so users whos phones are old won't be able to see the listing even. You can even lock out phones all together and make it a Tablet only app.
totally agree, we think we have a rough idea of how many folks are out there with hacked android devices, as well as jailbroken iphones - but we'd love to know if someone has published some research reports on that specifically!
I used this yesterday with my daughter to teach her how to verify resistor values. On our project, the doc said 100KΩ, color code said 10KΩ, DMM said 9.9KΩ :-)
+Adafruit Industries That still a third of your visits. We're not asking "ZOMG CAN U GUIEZ PORT TO WP7" or "Palm app plz".

Again, look at this thread and others that talk about the app. Without fail half of the thread is asking for android. Electrodroid sucks. We'd rather give you the money.
Actually I take that back it's half of your visitors since we're talking about platforms and iPad/iPhone/iPod use the same OS. How do you ignore half your visitors? Instagram couldn't do it for long. Neither could Temple Run or Draw Something.

Okay so you're telling me I should spend $700 on an iPad, and get all caught up in their app universe so I can actually use your app? Imagine how much stuff I could buy from your online store with $690 and a ported app on my Android phone. Not to mention: The thousands you'll make in app sales. Seems like a no brainer to me.
I'm rooted so whatever it is I'm ready. :)
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