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Adafruit MENTA - Mint Tin Arduino Compatible Kit includes Mint Tin

Introducing the MENTA, a portable minty Arduino-compatible project that fits into a common mint tin. We took our super popular Boarduino series, and wrapped it with a prototyping area into a rounded PCB that slots directly into an Altoids-sized metal tin.

We included everything you expect to jump-start your project:
DC power adapter jack with polarity protection
Beefy 1 Amp 5V regulator and 250mA 3.3V regulator for 3.3V devices
Green power LED, red blinky LED on pin 13
ISP-6 standard reprogramming header
FTDI interface plug to connect an FTDI Friend or FTDI Cable
Female header set so you can plug standard Arduino-compatible shields in.
There's four mounting holes if you want to attach it permanently to a box or plate
Massive prototyping area so you can have the finished project all fit together in a protective box.
Four rubber bumpers to protect your table from scratching, and the PCB and parts from the metal tin
This pack even comes with the mint tin itself!

Comes as a kit of parts, this is an excellent beginner project, with step-by-step instructions even for someone who has never soldered before. A soldering iron, diagonal cutters and solder are required to complete the project. You'll also need an FTDI adapter such as the FTDI Friend or FTDI Cable to program it via the Arduino IDE.
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Adafruit Industries.... So much cool stuff, so little time and money,
wow that IS awesome!!!
Yesbut, does the mint tin say "Adafruit" on it? With little pictures of strawberries, lemons, and oranges?
true...he has a point
Now I need one with a red solder mask so it looks proper in my cinnamon Altoids tin.
are these free?
where can you get them customized?
Like your pocket NANO scope,thinking of getting one
So, you can use it to view small things?
Sam G
MENTA sounds like it should be the electronics starter kit available from Ikea.
And why shouldn't IKEA sell an electronics starter kit???
Cute! But no, seriously, anybody willing to assemble their furniture is likely to be willing to assemble their electronics.
I just bought a solid wood tabletop at Ikea that is going to be my new workbench. While in the store looking for it, I saw a book that they were using for a display. The book was a 1986, hardbound "Encyclopedia of Integrated Circuits"! It was a beautiful book with old but useful information. I asked them if they would seel it to me but they said no! :-(

OK, the Ikea comments distracted me, I actually had another question: Will Adafruit be selling the Menta bareboard by itself? Also, will you sell the crystal/ceramic resonator, or can you provide the part number so I can buy it elsewhere? Is this better than a separate crystal and 2 capacitors, other than the parts-count factor?
+Chris Fala that's a cool story about IKEA! re: your other questions we'll probably sell it as a stand alone item later. for the other questions post up in our customer support forums so our engineers can make suggestions (and others can share/search) this useful info too.
Would be nicer if you could use the USB with the top down ...
It's always better with the top open and a blonde in the passenger seat.
I think the local constabulary would take a dim view if I tried that on my bicycle with a bottle of blonde beer, Russell
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