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At lots of tech conferences we’ve seen the waterfall signs with logos and more, but this is the first use we’ve seen “in the wild” for practical use, a stop sign on a tunnel before a large truck jams itself in.
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I did not know they had this. It's a great idea!
Not necessarily in this case, but such situations could probably arise also as a result of attention grabbing ads and commercials everywhere nowadays. One's mind just starts to ignore red-blinking things after intensive or prolonged exposure. It's so called ad blindness.
Al Hunt
Our bridge has been hit repeatedly despite large flashing lights for oversize loads. The bridge contains water mains, that have been damaged in the past, too.

Driving suspensions to the driver, huge fines and repair bills to the trucking companies is my suggestion. Professional drivers should just need a small sign with maximum height. That we need to go through these machinations is ridiculous.
Great system but it shouldn't have to take all that to stop someone lol
Fantastic feature! It makes it look like you're about to hit something solid, so you PAY ATTENTION! That's a smart system!
I thought they only had traffic jams  with  kangooroos hits down under, in aussiland...
And if that doesn't stop them, a Gatling gun drops from the ceiling and completely destroys the cab!  Seriously though, a great idea!
very interesting, and it looks like it WORKS :-)
This life is full of somanythings the good the bad and the ugly
+Robert Cornwell
Isn't it interesting how you have to take courses and pass multiple tests to be licensed to do most anything, but the two most important things to society, driving and marriage, they'll license any idiot. 
In America we often hang beams 50-100ft from the tunnel that are the height of the tunnel. If the driver ignores the warnings he'll hit the beam.
That's awesome, The water curtain, not the crappy truck drivers.
Google's self-driving trucks can't come fast enough
Why don't they have a steel or an iron arch as of the same height before just few meters before the tunnel.
Why not do this before they reach the actual tunnel when there's still time to move them to a different route?
Its obvious by the comments here that the people are smarter that the city and state officials installing these devices.  Lol!  Great ideas people!
+Matthew Cremore  Watch it again, there were at least 3 flashing stop signs before the waterfall.  It's installation AT the tunnel was probably more of a convenience for placing the water pipe.  
How about a sharp, reinforced blade? Just shave off the offending part as the retard tries to drive through.
Wen drivimg true the journey of life cos u have to bear bcos u se diffrent type of people on ur way
A couple of items: I may have missed it, but was there a turn off for the truck drivers? When they built the tunnels, why didn't they make them larger?
The dude probably knew he was going to get fine anyways so he just went forward to see if there was turn around, or he didn't believe the sign. Government trick: accidentally go to the wrong place and they will fine you. Even if you stop at the first flashing stop sign you would get fined. A lot of times they don't give that bill to the trucking company, they give it to the unlucky driver who simply made a wrong turn and now owes $1000. that's how it works in the USA. The only fucking job where making a tiny mistake where no one gets hurt costs you a fortune. people don't respect truck drivers or how insanely stressful the job is. everybody is out trying to swipe your money that you're working really hard for.
+Mark Blackie Every foot in height of these tunnels is a geometric increase in the difficulty and cost of the build.  If you build for the "average" truck and somebody rolls through with an oversized truck, or one that's overfilled like this one was, you get accidents.  Similarly, we could say that every lane of the highway system ~could~ be built to Harrier landing specs, But at an 8-12x increase per foot in cost, I'd say that ain't gonna happen.
+David Greifzu did you watch the whole video? the one truck knocked down a huge piece of concrete on several Cars.
+Lyle Hart Yes, it was amusing. People are not infallible. There are humans driving trucks. Often times humans amazingly drive cars into the second floor of houses. 
Pretty cool system. That truck driver must not be able to read English 
I guess the two foot tall sign above the door wasn't enough.
I would have to say "the illegal immigrants over here don't know the English language let alone read English " and he thought delivering a bridge would be a friendly guest on his behalf " hope they boat him home because quiet frankly we don't need anymore bridges or tunnels,,! Lmfao.

I've seen this happen in person.  A truck got stuck in a bridge underpass in front of me, blocked traffic for hours.  Bent the bridge structure (which had to be rebuilt).  Truckers seem to ignore the signs.
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