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Not many care enough to craft an awesome 404 page like that. :)
On the one hand, most handsome 404 page ever.

But my inner Donald Norman asks why the dark underbelly of HTTP status codes is exposed as the dominant feature, while the layperson-readable description is a footnote. Since it's a geeky maker site, this is excusable (a feature, even), but anywhere else...
someone's been watching ted talks :) love it!!!
Nice! Now break some links so your beautiful 404 page can be seen by lots more people!
I think you need to put more focus on the magic smoke, it would make a great little joke. :)
Much cooler than the usual!
I have always thought the 404 page should say, "If the link that brought you here was on our site, please use the back button, copy the URL, then come back here and use this form to let us know where we messed up." along with a form to submit the bad URL.
Kent, do you realize that browsers already do that? It's the Referrer: header.
Oh, right. So the page can detect where they came from and respond appropriately. But put in language that non-geeks understand. Some people will assume they did something wrong.
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