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Raspberry Pi case - coming soon, we'll release it this week!

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What I would pay for cases like these that snap together like legos...and snap together with breadboards...and batteries...
Very nice I just got my invite to purchase soon so I will get one of these for sure.
I will need something by June 12th as that is my new "delivery date"
Wow. Now I do need a device and your breakout board and the case.
Better be much cheaper than the board, itself. :)
This would be cool if there were any Raspberry Pi available to put in them...
Got mine today, yea! Want one of these... hmmm
Hoperwe will get a Chromium build for this box!! Makes the Samsung boxlook a bit pricey?!
mind if i ask, what is this ???
+Tom Brander a Chromium build? Makes sense. I know that the people behind the Arm port for Slackware are running that direction as well. Now that I know it supports NTSC output I am leaning towards getting one.
Not quite. It holds the single most important thing for computers since the IMSAI and Altair designs.
Very nice,. I am still waiting for my order.
lol i don't understand that either, dont worry...WHAT DOES IT DO???
What does what do? It is a computer.
i still dont understand what it is...
It is just the case the Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video.
That's incredible. I still think most cases should be made like this. It would make things easier I think.
I was wondering what you put those things in.
to sam loomis, the rasberry pi is a credit card size computer to teach kids how to make their own applacation for mutple platformes( ipod iphone, ipad, mac, pc). It runs deban linux off an sd card.
Wow, Lady Ada is someone I have been showing off to my 12 yo daughter who likes to mess with stuff. Cool!
You can run video game emulators off it pretty easily; which puts several systems and thousands of games at your fingertips. You're supposed to be able to play HD content off it too.
...and when will be able to actually buy a Raspberry Pi?
If anyone remembers Blakes 7, this would make a mini Orac .... without the attitude
i hate pi, but not pie. adafruit??
I had an email saying my Pi has dispatches today! :-)
It looks very nice and I would love to get one. But, since it is enclosed, won't heat become an issue?
Well king cash as a cancer survivor what have you do e to help me??
238 u forgot one i memorized 3.141592653589793238
+Thomas Knapp. Heat shouldn't be an issue, the ambient air around it should keep the little bit of heat there is in check. it is enclosed, but probably not sealed, so the cooler air should flow in from the seams to fill the space as the hot air rises away from the chips. Physics for the win!
all right
im going to anser all the questions right now
second it is passely cooled and has an anlog video out, and an hdmi out
I think some people missed the questions, but the website and forum answer all questions nicely.
Sooooo cool. I want like fives of these little machines, in cases.. a multi-colored led in-tow to show cpu-utilization, mmmmm tasty fruit indeed.
Yay!!!!!!! Iv been waiting for ages!!!!!!
Slick! I'd love one of those to wrap my lil' Pi in!
i feel like squeeling like a girl this is graet!
Finally ordered my little pi last week and was wondering about a casing. Going to turn mine into a home media center for streaming tunes/pics/movies
Bland as folk. I'd rather use some old toy or Lego blocks to keep a pi.
I wanna have it, how can i buy it?
I feel dumb but can anyone tell me what this is for?
Well said. That is a case for a small computer.
dont worry, I don't know what it is either....
I don't know what exactly it does,, but I want it :-D
It's not Apple it's a Pie !!!
i too feel like i have to have it although i dont know what it is.
Raspberry Pi is a very tiny low power "computer on a card" so to speak - the specs are available online just google "Rapsberry Pi"
Isn't that what smartphones and PDA's are? I'm confuzzled :P Seems a little behind to me...
what strange you are talking about...........
what is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
they already released a case model for 3d printing for the pi a few months back
I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!
I want one too, but I can't. In Chinese, Raspberry Pi is ¥600!!!
Is it available in Indonesia?
...And the raspberry pi doesn't fit into an Altoids tin... the biggest disappointment of the century...
Why would anyone buy this?
wow XD im going to a middle school were you build robots and you program them isint that awesome
Though it would be completely useless to me, I want a Raspberry Pi :)
Seems it is easier to get a case for the Raspberry Pi than actually get a Raspberry Pi....
Very simple and can be expected.
How to buy body, peripheral devices?
Let me know.
From Japan
Actually I'm the one who takes that money, after ensuring the media I've paid off has a proper game plan to fool the brainless public into thinking the usual suspect government puppets are to blame, as usual, and the best part about all of this is - none of you whiny fools will ever do Anything about it, because most of my work in brainwashing you has been a giant success, you'll always lean towards being single and enjoying the downward spiral of chaos of what you believe is Life. How can anything get worse? Oh we're working on it, one scheme at a time.
I have literally NO reason to have this...but I want it! Now, just have to move a few piles of misc. desktops/laptops/netbooks, external drives, drive enclosures, monitors, blank discs, make room on my desk...hmm, hope I don't lose it amongst the debris~ lol.
Fabulous, I like that it is clear :-) Any idea on price point, I'd hate to double the cost of my pi just to house it.
what this thing is used for??
WEIRD!!!!!.................................. KEWEL I LIKE IT!!!!
of course. after i put my order in ages ago. but that looks very legit.
Heh you'll probably have better luck getting this case than a actual r-pi :)
there's a lot of hype around the Pi but why, what is the big deal?
U thing they work good for Education/HomeAutomation and more
Lol now all they need to do is actually sell the raspberry pi somewhere!
I'm having a ton of fun with Arduino. :) I think the Pi will likely be a great product, but I have doubts now too. With all the problems they have had, and how popular this particular set of hardware seems to be - combined with the fact that the big manufacturers are already building/creating similar systems tells me that the Pi will not dominate this space for very long.
The Pi and the APC are aimed at different markets. The APC runs Android and is sold as a cheap media center, I don't know if you can run another system on it. The Pi is aimed at the educational/maker market, runs different Linux distros and features GPIO pins that the APC lacks. BTW the Adafruit case doesn't seem to provide an easy axccess to the GPIO pins!
Ahh, Blakes 7. Wobbly spaceships et al ;o)
I want to get one, when can next order one......
its basically a pc but you have to connect to it monitor (through hdmi) mouse and keyboard (through the usb slots) boot from the SD memory card (which can read into an external hard disk after the boot)
I already bought my case form ebay, it looks exactly like a cigarette packet! Cool or what?
it can raise curiosity in a learner ,probably strengthen imagination
That's cool, a portable computer.. But the only thing, easier to brake, easier to steal, and prob more expensive too
well the case is 35 and computer its self is 25 in the uk/ 30.99 in the usa
So a full blown computer that is cheaper then most embedded computers ... neat.
Eh... the case costs more than the computer? It is only a few bits of plexiglass! :)
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