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Will Omega molecules be available soon and in what quantities?
Wow - Got in just before they sold out. Got the last 6 using the LaForge discount! LMK when stock is available again
Are they brand new? Last time I bought Dilithium Crystals at a bargain price, I ended up having to look for a nuclear reactor from which to get a bunch of high-energy photons to recrystallize them...
+Oscar Portela ours are brand new and we mined them ourselves. if you get the cheap (cloned) ones from the ferengi's you probably got ripped off, sorry.
Great to hear! Especially since the original supplier in Los Angeles has such irregular availability these days.
I don't have a credit card, do you accept Gold-Pressed Latinum?
This is great, but I've always wanted to power my starship with an artificial singularity.
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